Wrong ref today ON/ON-006 by RBN

Today was a vy nice day for some SOTA. Cold but just “to do” and dry wx. So I went down to ON by car at about 06:30 local time. My first SOTA was at 09:04 UTC. It was ON/ON-016. The RBN gave the wrong one, ON/ON-006. So please correct your log. ON/ON-016 is the right ref. Sorry about that. Next summit was :
Al QSO’s made with KX3 and 5 Watt 30mtr HyEndFed. The KXPD3 worked well after the last update. You can read it here in Dutch. http://www.zendamateur.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17291&hilit=kx3On the last summit, it was already dark, I could not get replies on 10126. So I tried 7032 and that worked. I got 4 replies :-).

Thanks for all the chasers to make a vy nice day.

73, Tonnie PA9CW.


Hi Tonnie,
Thank you for today QSOs. I heard you only twice. I fixed SOTA ref.

73 Jan

Hi Tonnie,
It was nice chasing you twice yesterday when activating ON summits.
Thanks to your post here about the wrong reference ON/ON-006, I have double checked and found that I screwed up the QSO time in 3 of my yesterday chases as I wrongly used the delayed introduction mode instead of real time one in my logging program. Our 2nd QSO yesterday was one of those 3 affected by this time error. It’s now corrected.
Another error I’ve found in our 2nd QSO yesterday is that I wrongly took the summit reference ON/ON-011 from a spot on Sotawatch and I’ve seen in your activation log that you logged me under the reference ON/ON-001.
I have also corrected this error.
It’s pretty easy to have summit reference errors, when several summits are activated in a short period of time, as it was the case yesterday.
Thank you again for your activations and QSOs.
Best 73,


I checked at sotadata and I can’t find how you can see others log pages :S where should I look?

Hi Tasos

You need to be logged in - then you will see the link to “show log”

This is from Activator Roll of Honour / view log /

Hi Tasos,
You can see any activation log by searching the activator callsign under Activator roll of honour.
Once you’ve found the activator callsign, you click on view at the right hand side columna and that will show you the activations from that activator.
Then you’ll see at the right hand side the show log button.
You click on it and there you are.
Good luck and best 73,


aha! thank you both!

yes the RBN is sometimes wrong when activating more summits in a day. So after the first wrong summit I made my one spots to prevent confusion. Now all is okay in the log.

PS on the first summit it was vy cold. I think about minus 5 and some wind. So I had some problems using my fingers to give good CW…

73, Tonnie PA9CW.

Hi Tonnie,
Thanks for the update of the KXPD3. I had the same problems!!!
Nice trip to ON. The skip to Holland was not good. I did not hear you!
Up to the 1000 points…Sotagoat!

Mountain Goat

Graag gedaan.

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