Please note someone WRONGLY spotted Bernd EA8/DL2DXA/P on EA8/GC-004 but he was NOT on a SOTA summit but a GMA summit EC8/GC-004 so if you logged it you should delete it.


I actually did the qso with Bernd and I confess that for the reference I relied on reading Sotawatch. Having said that :

There are spots concerning Bernd’s activation for the GMA summit EC8/GC-004.

There is also an alert from Bernd on the GMA site concerning the reference EC8/GC-051 and not EC8/GC-004.

strange isn’t it ?

As IX1IHR wrote before deleting his post, Bernd will be the right person to clarify the situation regarding his activity.

So wait and see …

On my site, I deleted the qso from the DB.

73’s Laurent e F8CZI

Hi Laurent, I asked for the reference as did some others and it was clearly EC8/GC-004, also, Bernd did the SOTA summit EA8/GC-004 last week which is what alerted me to the wrong ref on Sotawatch.

73 Victor GI4ONL

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the clarification.
Deleting my qso from the SOTA DB was in this case the right decision.
73’s Laurent de F8CZI

Hi, today i was from abt 10:00 - 12:00 UTC on EC8/GC-051 and from abt. 13:00 - 15 UTC on Monte Constantino, EC8/GC-004, both summits in EAFF-0680 and two references for VCAN-collectors. Always so, how i did in set in GMA Alert . If you are not sure, have a look on GMAwatch, there are more and correct summits from activators — i am not sure, who wrote the wrong spot on SOTA watch . . . on EA8/GC-004 i was some days before , not today
See you all from alle the nice summits on Gran Canaria. 73 EA8/DL2DXA/p


I can’t remember but it was definitely an Italian station who subsequently deleted the spot