Wrong ref: AG-011 not AR-011

Hello all,

In today’s joint activation, I asked my colleagues what summit we were on. I thought someone said AR-011, but it was actually AG-011. If I had thought about my geography better, I should have know this. Sorry for the mistake.


In reply to HB9DST:
Hi Paul,
I suspected that. I wondered why you were the odd one out!

Now corrected.

In reply to G4ISJ:

Hi Pete,

For a non-native, these abbreviations can be confusing! Some background:

When I thought I heard AR, it made perfect sense to me. Consider that the closest city to our activation was Aarau (sounds like AR, right?), which is the capital city of the canton of Aargau (hence the AG).

Meanwhile, the abbreviation AR actually stands for Appenzell Ausserrhoden (logical?, hmmm, except maybe if you speak French, when it becomes Le canton d’Appenzell Rhodes-Extérieures).

Someday I’ll get all this straight!