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Wrong prefix on first Spot on I/AA-154, 24-Aug-2021

Dear all,
Unfortunately I used the wrong prefix on my first Spot on I/AA-154 on 24-Aug, 10:00 UTC.

Wrong: HB9/DL2KL/p
Right: I/DL2KL/p

I used the right call in the QSO’s, just the Spot was wrong ( I was in HB9 yesterday…)
I corrected the Spot on 10:06 after hints from @EA7GV and @F4WBN. Thanks for your notification

Please have a check and correct. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hear you on the next summit back in DM. I am traveling back tomorrow.

73 de Klaus, DL2KL

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Thank you very much for the clarification Klaus. Logger32 easily corrected for the routine input into SOTA database this evening. Good signals on 20m SSB from your station.

73 Phil G4OBK

Happens to us all now and again.
73 Matt


Thx Phil @G4OBK,
Yes, it went quite well on 20m. I used my KX2 with the AX1 today. There was no good support for a mast or wire and I did not want to disturb too much the other hikers on the summit. 40 m was not successful, however I did not try too long as it was windy and too cold


Very surprising signal strength for the short rod antenna Klaus on 20m. NO surprise it didn’t deliver on 40m. My log says I gave you 58 and received 54 back. Did I record the reports the wrong way round I wondered? The SOTA freqs were quite busy this morning for a weekday and it was great to work my friend Terry GM0VWP/P on the Shetland Islands on two summits as he moved north to a different camping site.

73 Phil

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Well, I have a RX:54 and a TX:58 in my log… Usually I am heard weaker than I hear others.

Great that you could work your friend on the Shetlands. I cannot really compare the bands yesterday vs. today as I used another antenna setup yesterday.
In any case: it is really very nice that even on weekdays there are reliable chasers active to ensure a valid activation.
Thanks a lot to you and all the other chasers!!

73 de Klaus, DL2KL

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Now that I see this expression “reliable chasers active”, I’d like to mint the use of “reliable activators” too.
I’m an activator and a chaser too. When I’m a chaser, I can often say which of the regular activators I’ll be able to chase and which not. The reasons for guessing I won’t be able to chase some activators can be many, either those activators activate on bands and times which are not favourable to me or they use too low power and/or low performing antennas, or they setup in a not very well performing way, or they do smash & grab activations logging just 4 or 5 QSOs and running away.

To me, reliable activators are those taking the upheaval of setting up a well performing station and spending enough time activating on various different bands of different skips in order to give opportunities to as many chasers around the World as possible.