Wrong database entries by chasers ...

Hello all,

after i enter my activator-log i often hit the “SHOW WHO CHASED ME” button! Just for fun I looked at all chaser entries in June where I was activator. Here is an excerpt of some wrong entries by chasers:

It’s clear that most of these entries were typing errors! I don’t think it’s the activator’s duty to check the chaser logs also … it’s hard not to make any mistake with the activator entries :slight_smile:

So I wonder if i should contact the chasers to edit their logs? What do you think? I’m interested what members of the MT think!

73 Martin, OE5REO

I had this too. I contacted the chaser, if he is known in the reflector :smirk:

73 Armin

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Yes, contact the chasers in question, I know i’ve had a few chasers contact me when I bugger their callsigns in my logs… They will appreciate the contact

73 Jamie

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Hallo Martin, wenn man so schaut was/ wie die Jäger/ Aktivierer so eintragen, da kann man nur so :rofl:.
Was ich so sah bei den Jägern:

  1. zwei Aktivierer auf einen Berg, zwei verschiedene Nummern eingetragen.
  2. bei S2S falsche Nummer eingtragen von einen Berg was noch nie AKTIVIERT wurde.
  3. einige haben mit dem Datum Probleme.

:sunglasses: IN3ADF markus & 73

Contact them (via PM on here) and point out the typo etc. Every chaser I know wants the most accurate log they can get.

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Hi Andy,
But what about the case when a chaser thinks he worked you, but he really didn’t? That happens relatively frequently to me. I’m calling one station, another station thinks I replied to him and comes back with a report and a 73. I’m in his log, but he’s not in my log. But he still gets the points even though we didn’t actually have a QSO, right?

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Hi Martin

Yes, I had contacted them, and they are mostly happy to correct the typo.

Had to correct my own entry for a S2S QSO once on a mountain activity day, and it was sort of a pain to delete all S2S QSOs first, one by one, before the system had allowed me to upload the CSV file again.

Paul’s phantom QSOs are still another problem and difficult to explain. Or that problem with two chasers with nearly the same callsign calling . . . try to tell them once that they don’t have worked you in real, hi . . .

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Simply tell him “sorry but we didn’t have a QSO today on summit xxx”. They’re just about always a genuine mistake in the heat of the chase.

Sorry, Andy, but I’m not going to waste my valuable time that evening looking up an email address and then sending an email to tell somebody who won’t listen on the frequency that I never gave his callsign. Without listening to me (because they really can’t hear me and it wouldn’t be a valid QSO anyway), they simply come back as if I had sent their callsign when I called somebody else. That’s why I was disappointed when the automatic checking was removed from the database.


No need, use the built in messenger in the reflector…

  1. Click your avatar top right then 2 click the envelope


When the page opens click “new message”


Then enter the call and message. If the user has a reflector account, you can message them. If they haven’t well you can give up if you want.

Click send, job done. Takes moments.

The problem was a significant number of chasers adjusted what they logged to get the star even when they knew they were logging bogus data and logging nonsense. The star was more important than an accurate log. We never used it on the MT because the star was so inaccurate in reporting a good log entry.