Wrong CSV upload error message

I stumbled across a wrong error message, that may happen to other users as well.

Like many of you, I log all my activation using VK port-a-log from VK3ZPF with great success.

When I uploaded the resulting CSV directly from the smartphone, I got the following error in red:
Error on Line 29: Incorrect summit format in column 10

So I copied the CSV to my PC and looked at it with a text editor. But at the corresponding line/column, I couldn’t spot an error.
The next morning I looked again and realized that there is an error indeed, but the error happens on line 30 in column 9. Since both values are only shifted by +/-1 position, I guess the (pre-)validation routine mixed up 0-based indices with actual positions and versa vice.

But I remember that I already had similar error messages in the past, but the error was reported in a later stage, showing the table and directed me to the correct problem. No problem, I can cope well with both kind of error messages, just sayin.

The error that lead to the error message was a wrong summit reference that contained a 0 (zero) instead of an O, in this case HB/S0-022 instead of HB/SO-022.

This confusion between zero and O seems to happen regularly, e.g. during the last European SOTA day on 17. September, I corrected about three such errors.

Since most of the references I get directly from the spot (and so no transcribing error can happen), there seems a different reference validation happening when sending over SOTAwatch (either the website or the API) and the database (pre-)validation.

Again, I just want to highlight this inconsistency and give some input that may help others. I really appreciate the infrastructure we’re having!

73 Stephan