Wrong Call in the SOTA DB

Below is a list of wrong logged callsign for DK7ZH. Please ask any right, thank you. 73 de Manfred, DK7ZH

Date Time right call Worked Summit Band Mode wrong call
26.07.2012 15:00 DK7ZH DJ5AA/P DM/SX-008 7MHz CW DK7DZ
12.08.2012 11:30 DK7ZH DL/PA3Q/P DM/RP-322 7MHz CW OK5ZH
27.09.2012 12:24 DK7ZH DL2FMK/P DM/HE-533 7MHz CW OK7ZH
26.09.2012 13:17 DK7ZH DL3VTL/P DL/AL-159 7MHz CW DK7ZZH
25.08.2012 09:32 DK7ZH EA4WT/P EA1/SG-007 14MHz SSB DK7ZG
15.09.2012 09:05 DK7ZH F6GCT/P F/AB-346 7MHz CW DK7ZS
12.08.2012 11:27 DK7ZH G4ASA/P G/NP-032 14MHz CW DK7AZH
04.07.2012 08:01 DK7ZH HB9BCB/P HB/BE-157 7MHz CW DK7DH
26.07.2012 13:15 DK7ZH HB9CKV/P HB/GR-266 7MHz CW DK7ZHD
21.09.2012 09:14 DK7ZH HB9CKV/P HB/GR-105 7MHz CW DK7ZS
02.08.2012 12:04 DK7ZH HG4UK/P HA/KD-023 10MHz CW DH7ZH
18.08.2012 10:00 DK7ZH I1YDT/P I/PM-415 7MHz CW DK7ZHD
28.09.2012 08:33 DK7ZH IN3ADF/P I/AA-307 7MHz SSB DK6ZH
25.07.2012 12:55 DK7ZH IX1/HB9AFI/P I/VA-321 10MHz CW DK7Z5
08.09.2012 10:05 DK7ZH OE2SNL/P OE/SB-310 7MHz CW DK4ZH
26.09.2012 12:39 DK7ZH OE5EIN/P OE/OO-135 7MHz CW DK7ZS
18.09.2012 11:55 DK7ZH OE9EGI/P OE/VB-312 7MHz SSB PK7ZH
21.08.2012 14:40 DK7ZH OK1FLC/P OK/VY-064 7MHz CW DK8ZH
13.08.2012 12:49 DK7ZH OK1IEC/P OK/US-007 7MHz CW DK6ZA
12.08.2012 10:54 DK7ZH OK1XGL/P OK/US-047 7MHz CW DK7ZS
29.07.2012 08:44 DK7ZH OK1XMS/P OK/VY-007 7MHz CW DL7ZH
20.08.2012 17:26 DK7ZH SQ7OVV/P SP/BI-005 7MHz CW DK8ZH

In reply to DK7ZH:
sorry say, but you do often send DK7Z5 instead of ZH !

In reply to HB9AFI:

That comes from having cold hands Kurt! Seriously, I think Manfred has a difficult call to read straight away. I remember when I first worked him I could not read the “7Z” part of his call in my head - even now I know his call I sometimes ask for a repeat to make sure it is him calling. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:
Yes It’s not the very easier callsign that I have in my log… But mine is not listen as right in some log…
But It’s right that the cold hands is not the best condition for writing !!!
I know what it is no more latter than… YESTERDAY !!! BRRRRRRRR !!! Well Happy to contact a lot of you during this little trip in Est of France Switzerland border !!! And the call is HB9/ sorry… Even if the weather condition are not so clear than I wishes and oblige me to left before ending the Pile-up…
Please to see you again…
Best wishes

In reply to DK7ZH:
my list of wrong calls is longer and includes AJ5AV
and DF5AV but I have much more QSOs listed.
I observed that your transmitting speed mostly is
higher than the speed of the activator. It should
be the other way round.
As an activator I always work with preset speed …
There is also a lot o mistakes in phone QSOs.
As an activator I learned that it may be hard to
copy your handwritten log at home.

Cu on SOTA
Mike, dj5av

In reply to DJ5AV:


You make some very good points there. I generally send around 18wpm which is fast enough for a steady run of contacts - about one a minute allowing for picking a callsign out of the pile up. SOTA is not a contest! Taking a little more time to get the callsigns correctly helps produce a good log to read from when you get home… and activators please do not throw your original logs away once you have put the information on the database and in your home logbook if you keep one. I have kept my originals right back to May 2006 and can refer to them if any query arises - and a few have: usually people thinking that they have worked me when I have actually worked someone else. That is a subject that has been aired before!

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:

I have kept my originals right back to May 2006 and can refer to them if any query

Original rough logs do help, and not just activators. :wink:

Most of the errors I’ve found in my logs have been transcription errors. Sometimes it’s simple mis-reading; P mis-read as D and so on. Other times it’s dumb things like “M0” instead of “G0” (or vice-versa), or entering an “EA” prefix where it should have been “EC” because the summit’s an “EA”. Occasionally it’s something sub-conscious, like typing an old familiar but no-longer-used callsign…

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to DK7ZH:


What to say?
Activators fault/choice? I’m in doubt about it.

The only fact I don’t understand is why the chaser does not monitor/remedy it’s own code transmission?
That way we could put the discussion aside and keep up to enjoy SOTA.

73, Heinz HB9BCB