Worldwide first? S2S at 630m

Today had Wolfgang, DK1HW on the Bröhn, DM/NS122, and I, DL1CR on the Fast DM/NS-121 our first S2S on the wavelength 630m. Maybe the first one worldwide? The antennas were just hanged in the trees and quite short, but the signals 569 and 519 and distance 14km. Now we are planning bigger hopps

Our “witness” was the dewy mountain goat Pom, DG7ACF and many of his well-wishers.

73 Chris


I’ve just seen in the database, that Paul-Michel, DL6FBK had some S2S on VLF. Was it on 160m or 630m, Paul?

73 Chris

Could be due to parser bugs. So they may not be VLF entries at all but should have been something else unless you can confirm with the activator.

That is an achievement worth praise Chris. Can I ask what transceivers you were both using? I’ve yet to manage a 160m QSO from a summit yet, still need to take an analyser up with me and my home-made loading coils.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

11 YL’s and OM’s wittnessed the contact at DK1HW on DM/NS-122. After DK1HW and DL5OCK had QSO with Chris, Wolfgang showed his setup to the crowd.

Well done, Chris and Wolfgang!


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Thank you for your kind wishes. Here is my setup from a previous 630m qso with DK1HW over 50km. Tomorrow I will activate DM/NS-008 and hope to contact DK1HW in 70km distance,.
73 Chris

This sort of experimentation is for me the heart and soul of ham radio. Well done!

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Today I had the second activation on 473,1kHz on DM/NS-008 together with my brother Detlef. My QSO partner Wolfgang, DK1HW heard me with 549 in 70km distance.
Thank you Wolfgang for your support.

A short video of the portable qth


73 Chris


Nicely done. Will be interested to see what distance you can achieve.