World Mountain Award / 1st April Joke?

Hi SOTA-friends,

I’ve just had a QSO with LZ44WFF from WMA-LZM-0329.
After looking at the WFF-webside I’ve noticed
the start of a “World Mountain Award/ WMA”
on April 1st 2010 sponsored by WFF.

Interesting is the “Mountain-list”.
It’s seems they just overtook most of the SOTA-summits.
Schnebelhorn, SOTA-HB/ZH-001 is WMA-HBM-2101
Grand Ballon de Guebwiler, SOTA-F/VO-001 is WMA-FM-0801,
Pfänder, SOTA-OE/VB-512 is WMA-OEM-07512, etc.

You can find the list in russian-language on:
(under the 2.point you find the download/excel-format)

I wish a Happy Easter to all
Vy73 Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

Hi Fritz,

I saw that you alerted yesterday to activate the highest mountain in HB Switzerland HB/VS-001. Did you activate this summit or was your alert an April fools joke?

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

Hi Jimmy,

like F5VGL’s Mont-Blanc-Activation it was a 1st April-Joke.

Vy73 es gn Fritz

In reply to HB9CSA:

Interresting info Fitz;
but… rules are in russian language…
so some friends may make a translation ???
I’m thinking about Joska HA5CW or Bob F5HTR ?

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to DC7CCC:

In addition:

-It is not required to activate the summits from their peaks.
-This program required from an activator a lot of paper QSL work, or at least e-log, sent to the Committee.

In reply to HB9CSA:

Hi Fritz,

I found “Altacher Hochkopf” as DLM06-15 in the WFF list - called DL/BE-020 in the SOTA lists.

WFF has taken over the mis-spelling from SOTA since this hill is found in the maps as “Altlacher Hochkopf” (I doubt if it can be found on every 1:100000 map…)

Also the names “Latschenkopf (1)” and “Latschenkopf (2)” (DLM06-2, DLM06-9) are straight copies from SOTA-lists - the summits are not to be found on any map by those list names.

Numbering however is different, highest mountain in a group has lowest number (not always the case in DL).

And to Mario’s comment re no P100 in the new program: They have copied from the 2009 P100 DL-lists, no non-P100 summits in there at first sight in the areas I know.

Gruss & frohe Ostern,


In reply to UT4FJ and DC7CCC:

Thanks for your answers.
It seems that all usual SOTA activators should reach the goal.

73 Alain F6ENO

In the WMA list of mountains they have mechanically taken all the data from the Z3-SOTA summits higher than 1000m, but the mistake lies in fact that they assigned a separate mountain reference to each summit which is wrong practice. The summits belonging to the same mountain in the WMA list are listed as separate “mountains”.
They are open for suggestions to develop WMA listing.

Vlado, Z35M

Hmmmm… WFF officials has presented a new WMA directory. The situation with the UT-WMA directory is the same - fully copied UT-SOTA directory except of some a bit ‘strange’ peak names such as ‘Height 1234’. I really can’t understand this behavior.

Alex UT4FJ

In reply to UT4FJ:

Why produce your own lists, a labour and time intensive task, when you can steal a list from someone else?


In reply to MM0FMF:

The problem is not a stolen list, since it is in a free access. We just have a different conception. So, their list doesn’t meet their rules, because it is absolutely uncomplete. That award program seems to be a sort of a Frankenstein, made from different parts, that not belong to him…

In reply to MM0FMF:

I do not bother to read this now, but there is some info on copy right in wiki if anybody is interested

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

The list appears to be copied and reproduced without permission, some might say “stolen”. Or at least the GM and GW segments of the list are. The lists belong to Alan Dawson, author of the book “The Relative Hills of Britain”, and definer of the “Marilyn” as a British P150 hill. The lists are freely available on the internet, but I don’t think this means that they can be freely reproduced elsewhere without permission from the author!

SOTA in Britain uses these lists with Mr Dawson’s permission, so it is disappointing to see other organisations (apparently) just help themselves to data on the SOTA websites.


In reply to M1EYP:

Perhaps they’ll send us some of the money they raise using “our” work?


In reply to MM0FMF:

Surely they are doing us a favour by drawing off all the worst and most unruly chasers?


Brian G8ADD

When the World Mountain Award was first mooted, I asked why it was necessary, because we have SOTA

They are also working on a World Islands Award (what is wrong with IOTA?)

But the WFF Committee seem to be really upsetting a number of the national coordinators, so maybe the whole scheme is on the verge of imploding!?

Surely they are doing us a favour by drawing off all the worst and most unruly chasers?

For any SOTA over 1000m it will make things worse, surely?


In reply to M6ADB:

I asked why it was necessary, because we have SOTA

Money. They want to sell certificates to make money. You can’t sell certificates for other people’s award schemes so you need your own scheme.

Producing you’re own scheme from scratch is expensive.

You can guess the rest! :wink:


In reply to MM0FMF:

I see that they have announced World Wetlands and World Volcanoes awards as well. Almost everywhere will soon count.



In reply to G3CWI:

Volcanoes to be “active” to count and operation from within an “activation zone” ???

The bands will be hot!