Working out WAB Square?

Am I missing something, or has the facility to convert a postcode into LR coordinate no longer available in Streetmap?

73 Mike

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At the bottom of the map is teh text “Click HERE to convert coordinates”

Click there… :slight_smile:

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After entering the pc just under the map (in very small lettering) it says:-

Click here to convert coordinates. For example here is my pc:-

OS X (Eastings) 570088
OS Y (Northings) 206827
Nearest Post Code CM1 1TN
Lat (WGS84) N51:44:04 (51.734347)
Long (WGS84) E0:27:42 (0.461739)
LR TL700068
mX 51400
mY 6718663

I have used this to get the nearest pc from a NGR.


Thanks guys, all sorted. Mind you, they could have made the lettering a bit larger :frowning:

73 Mike

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Hi Mike,

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for coordinate conversion.

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