Wolds Top G/TW-005

I have not visited the Wolds Top before and, from what I can see after studying Google Maps, I can drive very close to the summit itself.

I am assuming access to the fields is restricted due to the nearby radar station, plus I don’t see any obvious public access into the field. I was planning to park in one of the laybys near the radar station and operate from there.

Perhaps somebody can tell me if this qualifies as an activation on this particular summit or must I try to gain access to the field? The laybys are only a stone’s throw away from the summit and I can probably get my aerials higher than that anyway.



In reply to G1VVP:

See the General Rules, 3.7.1 for criteria for an activation.

Note in 3.5 that operation from vehicles is not permitted. (Or “in the vicinity of” - 3.7.1 no.3!)

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First, note it’s now called “Normanby Top”

I activated it at the end of last year, you can’t get to the top, it’s in the middle of a field of crops and I believe the Trig point is gone.

I operated from the grass verge SW of the radar site. There is a place to park near there if you don’t want to walk up from the village. I believe others have parked next to the radar site and walked a few hundred yards.

As a SOTA summit it’s a pretty boring one, the top is mostly flat and rolling with no obvious summit.

Colin G8TMV