WØC 10-10-10 Event :: Update

With summer officially in session I wanted to remind everybody of the upcoming WØC event/challenge starting on August 7th, 2021 and lasting for 10 days (http://www.w0c-sota.org/10-10-10/).

Details about ranking the challenge:

  • Criteria #1: # of activated summits (>=10K feet) between August 7th 0000h (MDST) and August 16th 2400h (MDST) . For Chasers it is the # of contacts made with qualifying summits. In case of a tie:
  • Criteria #2 is the amount of SOTA points collected during this time. Still tied?
  • Criteria #3 is the amount of total QSO’s during the challenge. Still tied… we will flip a coin.

After each activation, Activators are encouraged to upload the results to the SOTA Website and send their .csv file (via email) to our CSO (Chief Spreadsheet Officer). He will compile all necessary data into a master spreadsheet and post the results on a daily basis. Chasers results will be extracted from these logs as well. The email address will be announced before the start of the challenge.

Qualifying summits:

There are 1000+ qualifying summits to pick from. You can checkout/download the list and pick your favorite summits for the event, or use SOTL.AS and apply an ALTITUDE FILTER (on the top left of the map ).

TH/summit access:

Some TH and/or summits are still closed due to the numerous wildfires last year. This is also true for certain areas within the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). In addition, RMNP requires a reservation if you want to enter the park. Here a few Websites which might be helpful:

You can also subscribe to all EVENT posts so you do not miss anything: http://www.w0c-sota.org/10-10-10/
That’s all for now. Lets cross our fingers that the fire season will not get out of hand again.

Stay safe and 73
For the org. team

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Great way to avoid any possible phantom QSOs.