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WØC 10-10-10 Challenge :: Final Results

Our CSO (Jim/NØIPA) just emailed me the final results (well, it was this morning but I was already on an activation)
Before pouring over the results, let me take a minute and say a BIG THANK YOU to all the participants.

Over the 10 days of the event/challenge, 26 activators climbed 64 summits above 10k’ , conducted 2762 QSOs with 642 chasers . I call this a success!

Some chasers/activators have duplicate QSO on the same summit on the same day. Per SOTA rules these were removed and we awarded credit for one QSO per summit per day.

Unfortunately five summit activations were not logged. Sorry chasers.

Also a big THANK YOU goes to my co-organizers/contributors:

  • Dave/NØDET
  • Bob/KØNR
  • Jim/NØIPA C hief S preadsheet Officer
  • Steve/wGØAT Art Director

And to the sponsors Dan/NØOLD (Autographed Photo prints from Colorado) and Steve/wGØAT (collector’s item hats). Thanks guy’s, your contribution made it even more interesting.

Operators who would like a certificate for participating, please send an email to Jim/NØIPA and he will make sure you get one.

Last but not least, I will contact the winners in both categories by Tuesday the latest for the details on how to obtain your price.

Looking forward to the WØC 14-14-14 Challenge
73, Matt/KØMOS

Now head over to the WØC-SOTA Website for the results


Thank you to the team that put this together. It was a fantastic event! I got to meet a lot of the CO locals including one in person!

And yes, I’ll be ready to rock the 14-14-14 challenge when it comes. Might we have an 11-11-11 one next year?

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You are welcome, I had a blast too;
If there is enough interest we could do a 12-12-12 event next year… since Assoc. 10th birthday was in 2020 and not in 2021 (event got delayed due to COVID, same story like the Olympic games).


My thanks to the organizers! Jim N0IPA deserves specific thanks for handling the activators’ csv files. I, along with everyone, could track the activators and chasers points with regular updates on the website. And he sent me emails confirming he had received my logs. Much appreciated!

I enjoyed the opportunity for a few more W0C S2S contacts, talking to some activators I don’t usually catch when they are on summits. And while I didn’t come close to doing ten summits, I could still see how much my contacts as an activator added to the leading chasers’ totals.

At some point in future years, the elevation number will have to change to hundreds of meters, not thousands of feet, or I will have little hope of hiking up qualifying summits.
Peter KD0YOB

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