WJ7WJ earns MG!

Bill, WJ7WJ, one of our top Oregon activators, reached MG saturday at the W7O Campout! (He may still be traveling and yet to submit logs).

Way to go Bill! Always a pleasure to work you and see you! :goat:


Hey, congrats, Bill !
And thanks for all the activations.
73, John, K6YK

Way to go, Bill! Welcome to the MG herd! Baaaaa!

73 de K9PM Paul

Congrats Bill! :beers:

We have had many QSOs, but here is the one that was most memorable. It was 1st of Feb, 2020. WW7D and I went up to Pyramid Peak (W7W/CW-050) in a blizzard. It was 50+ MPH wind, snowing sideways, and well below zero with wind chill. We arrived on summit and didn’t much feel like putting up HF in a blizzard, so we pulled out an H/T and started calling CQ. We got an S2S with you - you were on W7O/NC-090. We never in a million years expected to get a 2m S2S with Oregon on a terribly stormy winter day, but there you were. We were able to get the activation done on 2m and get back down the mountain. There were tons of trees down across the road we drove in on, and we passed a forest service truck that had crashed in to a tree that was partially blocking the road. It was a wild day!

Look forward to many more S2S QSOs with you in the future.


-Josh WU7H


Congratulations Bill on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Enough crazies to go around in SOTA😄

Congrats Bill on making MG status. I know what that feels like and it’s a great achievement for sure. Thanks for all the contacts and hope to work you on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats Bill

Nate W4NA

Welcome to the herd.

Ken and Kay, KE7BGM

Congratulations, Bill! FB! Baaaa!

73, Andy, N4LAG

You, ughhh, do this for fun, do you?

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Congrats Bill! Official :goat: 73 Karen

:grin: It WAS fun Ken. Cold, but FUN.


Great stuff, Bill. I was glad to be in your log a few times on
MG weekend… K7GT

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Congratulations, Bill!! We’ll done!

Thanks everyone for the chases. It is a shared honor. Great to be part of the herd!