With David, N6AN on Monte Generoso HB/TI-101

On Thursday 29 June, I had the pleasure of doing an activation with David, N6AN, who was passing through northern Italy to travel to Bologna where he will act as a referee in the WRTC. After an exchange of emails, we met in Chiasso, just after the Swiss border, and from there, with my car, we went to Val d’Intelvi, to get on the HB/TI-101. My twin daughters Gaia and Sara were also with us, also to support me in my poor English. The walk was very pleasant, David told a little about his experiences, both on the radio and in life, and we hardly noticed the time passing.
On the summit, unfortunately, there were a lot of goats pies, which made setup difficult. We’ve operated quite far, and managed not to interfere with each other. After about 90 minutes David did QRT, and as previously planned, he descended to activate Pizzo della Croce I / LO-210, right in front of us. Having already activated it in 2023, I preferred to stay on Monte Generoso to hunt a few more S2S. At 14 UTC we met for the return to Chiasso.
It was a good day of radio, and I thank David for the company. It will be difficult, but I would like to pay the visit back by going to Southern California. Never say never …
Thanks David!

Pizzo della Croce I/LO-210


Thank you, Fabio!
We had a wonderful time during our day of hiking and chatting and operating.
Meeting Gaia and Sara was extra special as I am an identical twin.
The weather was perfect for a long walk in the mountains. The views are breathtaking!
Fabio is a skilled S2S chaser. I am impressed with his summit setup. He is ready very quickly and radiates a good signal. I hope to make S2S QSOs with him from Southern California!
Do visit us in W6-land. We have many summits to choose from and many enthusiastic SOTA operators. I can show you the W6/CT-XXX summits in the San Gabriel Mountains near my home.
Grazie di cuore! Ciao - David


Lovely report!

I have experienced wonderful hospitality activating with local operators across Europe and in Australia and New Zealand. Their generosity with their time and in several cases beyond that with transport and even drinks etc. has been fantastic.

We are lucky to have such a wonderful community of fellow enthusiasts.

My door is always open to return the favour to these people or other visitors to my part of North Wales.



Nice to put a face on one of the three Europeans ahead of me in the s2s race.

Elliott, K6EL

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Nice report, Sounds like a great outing with good company!

I was fortunate to activate this summit last year, great views!

73, Mike

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