Wire on the rocks

Some time ago I thought about a good summit antenna for 80 m. For good results with 5 W and SSB it should be a full size half wave dipole. But how to bring it high enough up over ground on a summit without a tree or a tower and without long poles?
I remembered a thread (or two?) about a situation with the antenna on the rocky ground by accident and nonetheless good reports.
My decision was to make a test on Munt Pers HB/GR-049 during my Holidays 2021.

Starting in the morning by car and crossing …

… Julier Pass I came to the place …

… in front of Bernina group.

The first ropeway this morning brought me 850 m up to …

… Diavolezza, Munt Pers straight ahead.

Then it was a short hike over about 2 km and 200 m ascend.

on the way up, a hiker in opposite direction

looking down on Boval hut, 700 m lower

the summit

I used a thin and isolated wire (yellow on the rocks).

The connection to the tuner ZM-4 was made via two CMC (aka currant balun) in series. (A single CMC was not good enough for 80 m). By the way, a good place to “store” smaller parts for eternity.

Start calling 8:30 UTC I made 3 QSO in SSB on 80 m (IW3 S2S, HB9, DL). After CQ for a while I switched to 40 m. Now the antenna was Lambda long. The Tuner ZM-4 is good for a wide range of impedances. 8 contacts on 40 m in SSB and 7 contacts in CW, fine.

In the end, …

… using the 6 m vertical, 10 QSO on 20 m SSB made the day.

The dipole was usable on 80 m and better on 40 m. It was a test.

73, Ludwig


I know the operator manual for the British army clansman 320 radio includes this option for its dipole operation. It’s not the optimum option but it does recommends a 1m height over a rock.


I used a short (3m) handheld pole with my roll up 2m J-pole on yesterday’s activation. Struggling to stop the wind blowing my logbook away whilst holding the 2m FM HT and pencil several strong stations came back to my CQ. Then I realised the j-pole / pole was still lying on the ground. I’m amazed it worked at all. Must be that highly conductive heather we have around here.


Great Photos… Be Safe climbing and Best 73,
Ronny KG7A

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