Winter wonderland - activation of LA/TM-010 Skrehelle

The Christmas vacation provided us with yet another beautiful winter day, which of course meant another trip to a summit. Henning (LA3NGA) invited me for a trip to Skrehelle, which with it’s 553 meters provide 2 points + winter bonus. We parked our car at approximately 230 meters and set off. LA3NGA created a nice video which is linked at the bottom of the article.

We set off early to get as much daylight as possible, at this time of the year we get around 6 hours of daylight here. Everything was covered with snow, so it’s still easy to move around in the dawn and dusk hours.

Sunrise about halfway to the summit, 9:56 local time

We were told the hike to the top should take approximately one hour, but ended up spending around two to the summit. The hike consisted of a few very steep parts with relatively flat terrain in between.

Elevation profile

When we reached the activation zone we found a very nice plateau that provided ample opportunities for mounting our linked dipole antennas. Mine was mounted in a perfectly shaped forked tree stump, all summits should have one of these :wink:

Antenna mounting tree stump, all summits should have one

On the way down we managed to reach LB5OA which visited LA/TM-013 Vestre Vealøs that we activated two days before, and got a 2m QSO that way, sadly outside the AZ on our summit. LA3NGA activated on 20 and 30 meters, while I used 80, 40 and 2 meters. It was very fun to have a “near pileup” on 80 meters with Norwegian stations, that’s not normal here.

Norwegian QSO’s on 80 and 2 meters

This trip gave us loads of nice photo and video opportunities, the landscapes were stunning.

@LA3NGA filming on the way down from the activation

LA3NGA’s movie


Fantastic photos!
It is really winter wonderland.
Winter activation is not easy, but the most memorable.
Thank you for impressions!

Thank you! This was only my second winter activation.It was truly amazing