Winter has come back

Today I went on I/PM-197 for the first activation of 2024, with a weather forecast of a nice and sunny day (I don’t activate with cold or bad weather, I’ve only 1 winter bonus).
But after an half hour of CW at 1°C my fingers were frozen and snow became to fall over my paper log. So I stopped my activation despite good propagation and many chasers waiting to contact me. My apologizes for sudden QSY to 20m and speedy QRT.
Coming back from the summit the hail whithened the road. Hope next activation in DM/BW land will be better. In the pic the summit before snow fall.
Thanks to all


Yes, this time of year, the high mountains can be spring or winter and it can change hour by hour. CW is difficult with cold finders.

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Hi Claudio

As a part of our I/PM SOTA journey we were on PM-197 today. More snow today and cold temperatures and to top the day propagation was very poor.
We could warm us up in a littke restaurant on the way back to Borgosesia.

Though the weather has been unfriendly the last days we enjoyed being in Piemont Region very much, beautiful woods and mountains with small villages. Two more days and we are hesfing back to HB9 with another good SOTA exoerience

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Bruno, HB9CBR and Jürg, HB9BIN

Thanks for the S2S Bruno. No snow on my summit but I was very surprised by the lack on pile-up on either 40m, 30m and 20m on a Saturday morning. Strange condx indeed!

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