Winter Bonus...question on rules

I summited peak X in November, made 7 QSOs and collected the activation points (6). The winter bonus for our ARM is Dec 1st to March 31. On NYE I again summited peak X and made a single QSO before midnight zulu.

From the FAQs:
Q: I activated a summit earlier in the year, and have realised that if I had waited until December I could have scored three more points for the winter bonus. Will I have to wait until next year to activate the summit with the winter bonus?

A: No, if you activate the summit again in December you will not be credited with the points for the summit again, but you will be credited with the winter bonus for that summit.

The use of “activate” is confusing in this case. I made just the one QSO, since I’ve already been awarded the normal activation points before the winter bonus season. I figured the single QSO would just award me the winter bonus points. But I’m hearing that I would have had to complete another full activation of four QSOs to get the winter bonus.

Is my understanding of this correct?

The General Rules covers this in, which requires 4 QSOs in order to get any points available for an activation. 3.7.2 covers scoring and is basically a restating of the FAQ you quoted, but highlights that scoring is done per “expedition”. The two work together to mean unless you get 4 QSOs for a particular climbing of a mountain, no points, winter or otherwise will apply.

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What happens when you upload to the database?
73 Matt

Yes !
Please check such a case on my activations points scored at SP/BZ-012 on July 22, 2017 and December 31, 2017

73, Jarek

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Zero points awarded. It was a snowshoe up 1400 feet in less than two miles. Kicked my butt too.

I think he’s correct. Lesson learned on my end.