Winter bonus points?

Sorry for the newb question. Where does one find the date range in which winter points are awarded for activations? My search-fu is failing me apparently.



Through the drop down menus as follows:

summits - find summit - (enter summit name) - click on “summit info”

73 Hal n6jzt

It’s in the ARM (Association Reference Manual) for each association.

Theses are available from the Association page e.g.

Many thanks to you both. I didn’t know about the regional ARMs, so I’ve learned something today.


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Here is a link to the listing of Associations

SOTA is continually growing with new Associations regularly coming on board. Please click on an Association to find out more information, access the Association Reference Manual (ARM) and view its regions & qualifying summits.

It seems your first interest would be the W9 Association. Scroll way down to W9, or enter W9 in the filter. Look for the link to the W9 Association Reference Manual (ARM).

You will find your answer on page 4 under Association Reference Data. Bonus Period Dates: December 1st through March 31st. Minimum Height for Bonus: During the bonus period an additional 3 points will be awarded for peaks with an elevation greater than 1640 feet above sea level.

You must individually check each Association of interest to you, because the conditions that earn a bonus in an Association can be unique. Technically this is actually a Seasonal Bonus, because in some Associations the bonus period is NOT in the Winter time.

The ARMs are the definitive rules documents for SOTA. They override everything else.

Override everything except the General Rules. A lot of ARMs had the invalid “final approach” rule. Might still have it.

There are no rules other than the General Rules and the ARMs, right? So there isn’t anything for the ARM to override.


The database and all the summit web pages are a lower priority, they should be identical to the ARMs but typos etc mean that they often are not.

Note that I believe there are plans to make the database definitive and to auto-generate parts of the ARM documents from it.

It’s the other way around.

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I definately felt I earned the winter bonus today. Had an absolutely splendid day on Eididh nan Clach Geala, GM/NS-018, the first Munro on the clockwise round from Inverlael. Long flog, three hours breaking trail in the fracking thigh deep snow (character building I expect) but lovely views and sunshine on the summit, almost t-shirt weather – aye!

Then took three hours to get back down!

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That sounds so much better than sitting at a desk all day as I am doing!

Colwyn, you’re a sick man and you need therapy. :grinning:

Anquet says that’s about 9km each way and 930m ascent. In thigh deep snow? Well it sounds better than the 300+ emails I had on returning to work!