Winter Bonus points starting tomorrow

At least here in Germany, December 1st. marks the start of the SOTA Winter bonus period. This period can be different on an association by association basis but I think those summits that are high enough to be applicable for the bonus points in Central Europe start tomorrow.

Remember the fact that if you already activated a particular qualifying summit this year - if it wasn’t activated in the early 2018 Winter Bonus period can earn you just the “missing” winter bonus points (3) in this Winter Bonus period up until the end of December. From january 1st it can be activated again for it’s normal points (plus Winter Bonus points).

73 Ed.


In California, USA - applicable to summits in regions CN, NE, NW, SN, NS, SS, WH, IN and CT.

Winter bonus - 3 Points for activations >= 6500 ft above the sea level (ASL).

Wintertime Bonus - 1 December to 15 March inclusive

It’s a great time to take to take a vacation up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! You only need to reach 5000 ft to score the seasonal bonus for Washington and Oregon and that bonus is available through March 31th.