Winter Bonus - 'G' (England)

I am trying to find out which ‘G’ (England) summits qualify for a winter bonus, and what the period is. This information is not particularly easy to find, but as far as I can see the winter bonus qualifying period is 1st December to 15th March inclusive, and a qualifying summit would have to be 500m or above - is that correct? Also is the bonus 3 points in every instance?

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That is exactly correct David, Winter Bonus in the G (England) Association is from 1st December to 15th March each year and us 3 bonus for all summits that are 2 points or above.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager

Use the database David…

Go here SOTA Database and select the association and region. You can then check each summit for its scoring history etc.

The ARM lists the overall details for the associations.

You can see the same data from the above page as via the DB.

Many thanks to all for the info and quick response.



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