Winter activation video OE/OO-397, Zeitschenberg

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a perfect winter day. After about 1:45 h ascend with snow shoes spend about the same time on the summit. The tracks from other ski tourers made wayfinding relatively easy.

The sun was so strong that I could operate without gloves. :sunny:
A lot of S2S contact on 2m FM. 20m was busy with a contest going on but found a spot on the band.

Selfspotting using the soon to be made public OE SMS Spotter worked perfect.

Most unexpected QSO: 17m contact to EA8/PA7ZEE Geert QTH: Gran Canaria

Here the video:

Thanks to all chasers!

73’s Joe


Dr OM Joe,
Yes a surprising QSO. Conditions there and here different. Here sun 20C and chasing between sunbath and swimming.
73 de geert ea8/pa7zee

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Dear OM Geert,

That was also my thought. Sun at both places but the water in different forms :smile:

73 de Joe

Fabulous views!

@GI0AZA: Just noticed a typo in the video. Esther your callsign is of course logged correct.
@OE5PGM: Sorry Gerhard. I missed the h in your first name.

I should watch the video several times before upload I guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

73 Joe

I had noticed but was too polite to say​:smile::smile:
Loved the video

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