Winter activation of DM/BW-041 (Wandbühl – 1007m)


January 16, 2021 11:00 – 12:35 UTC

Wx: Sunny, approx. -6°C no winds, 60 cm of snow
Walking time: 30 min. up, 25 min. down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 40 vertical metres

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2.5 Ah Li-Ion battery (4S), Palm Mini Paddle
Ant: 22 m end fed wire with QRP L- Tuner as inverted Vee on a tree

Condx on the higher bands were average and activity was low.
60 metres through 30 metres produced many strong signals.
k = 1, SFI = 73

Activation report:

Sunny weather and lots of snow called for another winter activation. The choice fell on „Wandbühl“ as I expected it to be easily accessible and not too crowded. Well, it turned out that I was only partially right.

The hiking trail was well prepared. There were also some cross-country ski-tracks. But soon I had to leave the tracks and found myself in knee-deep snow. It was fun but also pretty exhausting. This easy summit became somewhat challenging.
At the top I prepared my shack close to the trees, where the snow wasn’t that deep.

I worked the bands from 60 metres to 17 metres in descending order, searching for S2S everytime I QSYed to another band. The low bands produced many QSOs with mostly strong signals. The pile-ups were well behaved. Even 30 metres, where activity is often low, was fairly busy.
Just recently there were complaints here on the SOTA reflector about rude behaviour and deliberate QRM. I also experienced this during previous activations but not today. It was a real pleasure to hand out the reports.

20 metres and 17 metres were a bit disappointing with only two QSOs on 20 (zero on 17). But one of them was DX, which was a nice little compensation.
Finally I tried 40 SSB. Actually I don’t like the crowded SSB portion of the band where it’s hard to keep a frequency for more than ten minutes. But it went quite well with mostly loud signals and pleasant QSOs.
When the pile-up had completely dried up, it was time to pack in and leave. I did so with a heavy heart but hope that the snow will still be there next weekend :wink:

More details and photos can be found here:

It was lots of fun. Thanks for the QSOs and cu soon!
73, Roman


HI Roman,

thanks for the qso on 30m, I had to try my 80m antenna as the 30m vertical suddenly went dead. Found out the cats had got tangled in the coax and broken it during the qso :slight_smile:
DXing problems are always new




Hello Roman @DL3TU.

Beautiful pictures. Winter pure. Thank you for the qso.

Marcel DM3FAM

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Hi Roman,
Thank you for the report and the beautiful pictures. Thank you for the s2s QSO and see you next time.

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This was my place Yesterday on DM/HE-057


Hi Roman,
thanks for the S2S yesterday, while on EA2/NV-073, snow has almost gone last days in this area.

Good signals from you. 73 de Ignacio

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@EI6FR: Thanks for the QSO, Declan! Sorry to hear about the damaged coax. Glad no one was hurt (cats, OP and TRx :wink: )
Your signal was good here, though. No issues noticed on my end. Looking forward to the next one!

@DM3FAM: Thanks, Marcel! I guess there might be even more snow on your local summits in the Black Forest? Great to hear you on CW. Keep it up! Hope cu soon!

@DL6FBK: Thanks for the S2S-QSO, Paul! Sorry it didn’t work on 20 metres. Only got parts of your call sign but I was never sure who was calling :roll_eyes:
Thanks for the photo from DM/HE-057. It looks like lots of snow there in Odenwald, too. See you on the next one!

@EA2BD: Thanks for the S2S-QSO, Ignacio! Signals from EA2 were fairly strong. There seemed to be a direct link on 30 metres to EA2 :wink:
What a beautiful view from EA2/NV-073 ! Thanks for sharing the photo and hpe cu sn!

73, Roman


Many Thanks for nice QSO on 60 meters.
You can listen the other side :wink:
73 Roger


Hello Roman @DL3TU.

When I look at your pictures and compare them with mine, they are not much different. They all have their winter charm. The winter is beautiful here at the moment.

:+1: :slight_smile:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Hello Roger,
interesting how the pile-up sounds from your end. I compared your record with my log. There are stations calling, which I couldn’t hear and instead logged someone else. Very cool - thank you so much!
Also mni tnx for the QSO and hope cu soon!

73, Roman

That is indeed true, Marcel! Winter wonderland :slight_smile:
Thanks for the great photos!
73, Roman

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Hmmm, the lovely winter… charm?