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Windows 10 Update 1803 warning - long update times and some system failures


You can solve many of these problems by using junctions, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Martyn M1MAJ


Just realized that I have been attacked by the Microsoft Gremlins.
The upgrade on my desktop machine went without a hitch.

My newer HP laptop upgrade went without a hitch, or so it seemed, but Excel was doing weird things such as bombing me out when I typed a number 3.

OK the program is Office 2003 but it was working fine on Monday! My solution has been to install Office 360 at over £70pa. Do Microsoft have a licence to collect money in return for letting us play with their fine free W10 software?



Mine is to use Open Office/LibreOffice - free.


This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I use LibreOffice on Windows and Linux. Works well enough for me to interchange files between Office 2016 at work and home. I’ve developed “Powerpoint” talks partly on Office 2016 then moved the files to Windows LibreOffice to work further and then to Linux and back. Works fine, YMMV.



But I think you get my point. Imagine if your car suddenly ground to a standstill when the emission standards changed. Or your shower only supplied cold water when the IEE regs were up dated!

Fortunately I do have a month’s grace to search the market (I was born in Yorkshire).



Install Office 2003 SP3. Then enable Windows Update to update other products. Install all 15 years worth of missing updates. (Repeat the check for updates several times). Reboot. Office 2003 should work fine now.

But I’d bin it and use something modern that works and not Office365.