Windchill Factor in Navarre - 12 Summits


Winter is here;
12 summits activated since the beginning of the year ( NV-017-034-049-081-093-094-173-176 PO-173-183-184 and SS-057 and a common point to all activations; the wind.
The wind which, together with the windchill factor, accentuates the feeling of cold.

The frost on the grass and vegetation shows another aspect of nature.
I offer you a short video during the joint actvation of the 57th Anniversary of Guru and some photos of Navarre summits in winter.

Good DX made with USA, Canada, Kazakstan and Japan.
About 50 QSO on each summit.

Thank’s to all chasers.
See you soon for new adventures on the summits.

73’ Alain F5ODQ


Looks a lot like Scotland. Blue skies excepted :slight_smile:


When you go out every day for a week, you’ll eventually get blue skies in Scotland! And no wind. And no snow…

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… for an hour overall. :rofl:
You just gotta love the BBC Scotland forecast “a brraed dae with sunny spells and some showersh”.


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Great job on the Scottish accent Pom. :rofl:

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Welcome to the Basque country.

Thanks for today’s qso from Manttale.

You’re welcome Jan

It was our first QSO from my QTH in Bayonne.
I am used to go on the summits of Navarre and Basse Navarre. I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet on a summit in the Basque Country.

Eskerrik asko eta laster arte


This means that you can live in the Basque Country.
However we almost always have sunshine and blue skies; which could be a problem… :wink: :smiley:

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Hi Alain,

Thanks for great photos :+1:

I’m thinking Andy @MM0FMF can live everywhere :joy: but my little finger told me (French expression) that he likes more F/CR… :wink:

Here windchill is the Mistral and you can’t go out in winter (except Roger @F5LKW :crazy_face: and a little further east @F6HBI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thanks you all for nice activations.

73 Éric

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I wouldn’t say so if I look to the weather around my QTH. That must be the case in the coastal city of Bayonne where you live, but it’s not like that at this side of the Pyrenees and about 450m higher a.s.l., where I’d say the most common aspect of the sky is grey.
Thanks for the report with pictures and all those activations.



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