Wind turbine generator Kitex

Anyone knew about this project? Maybe 600w its too much for qrp but I think it looks promesing.

What do you think guys?

As far as I can tell, it is still a crowdfunding project and not yet available.
I don’t see it for SOTA but there are certainly many possible uses. And it’s an alternative to a gasoline power pack for fielddays, contests, DXpeditions.
In any case it is going in the right direction for the future.

73 Armin

Looking at the overall setup. It looks very fragile:

A lot of fine elements, wires and bigger parts that are not backpack compatible.
For a fieldday as Armin suggest it could work but for the summit I have my doubts.

73 Joe


It doesn’t look like something you would want to use on a windy day.