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Will RBN respot on same freqency after X minutes?

I know RBNGate would respot you after an hour if you are still active and being heard by RBN. Did RBNHole inherit this functionality?



That’s it? Surely there’s more? I’m calling CQ all the time, won’t that be a lot of spots?

In a nutshell, that’s it. There are some finer nuances. If you are spotted within a few kHz of your RBN posted frequency before the RBN picks you up, or you self-spot, RBNHole will not post an initial spot. This lockout lasts for 10 minutes – you will not be respotted unless you meet certain criteria

Yes, but in RBNGate that criteria was you would be respotted on the same frequency/mode after 60 minutes. This is copied from the RBN site:

I read RBNGate information. 60 minutes and you would be respotted if heard.

If I stay on the same frequency for a long time, will RBNgate eventually spot me again on that frequency?

Yes. If an hour or more has elapsed since anyone spotted you on that frequency, RBNGate will spot you again. The amount of time that it waits before respotting a station on the same frequency is configurable and could change in the future.

RBNHole says all features “should be available” but what you posted is ambiguous at best. Is the 60 minute criteria carried over from RBNGate as indicated by the snipit? The 10 minute lockout appears to apply only to an initial spot.

It’s a simple question. I have RTFM but there is no specific answer to my question in the documentation available.

I guess then we need to get Andrew @VK3ARR to help out.

I can’t remember off the top of my head. I think the 10 minute lock out applies and would respot you regardless of frequency.

I’ll look later.


So I think there’s a few things going on. The 60 minute lock out is definitely in place. I think the 10 minute lock out is no longer valid. I think also there’s a bug if you click from one band and back again, but I need to test that first before confirming.

The 10 to 60 change probably came from matching rbngate at some point, but I haven’t dug back through the history yet, just confirmed that the lockout is gone after 60 mins.

Thanks. I’m planning on some long activations since I’m off work most of December. May just lie in a hammock on a summit in the sun for a few hours and wanted to make sure I would get respotted without having to deal with finding a new clear frequency.

So based on this info, after 60 minutes I will be respotted if I’m operating on the same frequency?

Yes, definitely.

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This isn’t a bug (thankfully). There’s other checks that alter the logic sufficiently to avoid it.

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Am I correct that you will be spotted on SOTAWatch if (a) you posted an ALERT and (b) in a time window one (1) hour before your posted start time and three (3) hours after your posted start time. I noticed that some of my band changes late in the day are not spotted presumably because I arrived late so I was beyond the 3 hour window. Many thanks for an excellent service.
Mike, WB2FUV

Yes, that’s correct. You can extend the window either side using S-XX or S+YY (eg, S-2 S+7 for a -2/+7 hours window) in the comment.

Earlier this year we learned that the “S-2 S+7” was case sensitive, i.e., the “S” had to be capitalized. Is that still true?

Incidentally, this past weekend I used “S+32” to cover activations on a two-day backpacking trip without mobile phone (due to a dead screen) and I was spotted on both days. Thanks for a great system!

Yes, that is still true. I should get around to fixing that up :slight_smile:

I always suggest doing a S-32 and having your alert at the end of the trip, as alerts can drop off out of view after time, and you won’t always be spotted then. (ie, invert the logic).


Great tip, thanks!