Wild Boar sighted yesterday?

Which German station reported this in a spot yesterday? Please tell us more!

73, Bill W4ZV

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It was DL1DLF, of RucksackRadio fame. Not a good idea to go near when it’s a mother with babies. We used to spot them by air near Carmel Valley, California, then land and use the jeep to hunt them.

Elliott, K6ILM
Older & Wiser

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It was Joerg DL1DLF who reported “short activation, big trouble with boars” from DM/RP-485 at 12:18 yesterday. From the link (only in German) http://www.geo-naturpark.net/deutsch/index.php it appears that the summit is in some sort of Nature Park.

Wild boars can be extremely aggressive creatures at times, and certainly not something to be tangled with! We even have some living wild here in the south-east of England, although none have visited my activations yet!

73 de Les, G3VQO

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I thought he was talking about chasers… :wink:


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and certainly not something to be tangled with

But they do taste very, very nice! :wink:


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Plenty of signs of them in the Forest of Dean but they appear to be nocturnal or crepuscular so not much chance of encountering them!


Brian G8ADD

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Seen them a couple of times doing the WBs.

73 Richard G3CWI

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But they do taste very, very nice! :wink:

Christian KF4LXB is a master chef when it comes to barbecued pork. We have them in our mountains where they were introduced by the English in 1908.


Jörg DL1DLF if you read this it was a great pleasure to QSO you yesterday! You have excellent ears to hear my 100W to a 20m inv-V through the K3 tuner. I very seldom can work stations on 17m because my antenna is such a poor match but thank you for your patience.

73, Bill W4ZV


yes short before the summit in the undergrowth I collided twice with a horde of wild boars. Normally no problem when they can flee, but in spring the mother boars are unpredictable because defending theirs juniors.

I build up direct on the trig point with the more or less best all-round visibility, to see them early if they want to come back to theirs summit. Making a noise from time to time throwing stones down the slope.

The disadvantage was, due to the trees on summit I didn’t manage to push up the dipole higher than 4 or 5 meters. 50W from my side with the FT-857.

Thanks for the contact Bill. I wasn’t active on HF for SOTA since month, your callsign was new for me, so I have to select every character from the rustle. Thanks for your patience.

Two NA contacts on 17m around 12:30 UTC, 4 overall. I threaded the rest of the dipole through the trees. Called on 7118 and was immediately found by Mike G6TUH. I spent half an hour on 7120 before a QSO from 7118 displaced me 2up where I didn’t found any followed chasers. Finally a shower stopped the activation. I really hope there weren’t any chasers waiting.

I think for my long absence I called two chasers with wrong names, noticed that too late, sorry about that.

Also I missed Rudi HB9MKV yesterday. His last logged contact is three month ago. I hope he’s just making a short break.

73 Joerg

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Hello Joerg,
as far as I know, Rudi HB9MKV is OK. He is interested in digital modes in the moment …

Hansjoerg OE7PHI