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Wild Adventure On Tuscarora Trail with my Son and QRP

Me W4na and Logan my son will be going a great Adventure on the Appalachian Trail we are going to start in Ga and end in Me . the plan is to start late April and end before Oct 1st or Stop at all the Red tape with the Virus and continue after it lets up. so ill be on 40,30, qrp water holes and on 20m 14.065 -/+ with a MTR3B and a couple of wire antennas also may trade along the way for my kx2 going North. Stay Posted . I WILL BE USING W4NA/P ONLY ON THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL



Are you aware that the ATC is not recognizing any thru-hikes right now? If they are still in hiatus when you start any miles logged during this will not count towards a thru.


Yes we are aware of this, but we dont care its about the Adventure


Good for you! :slight_smile: I’ve done GA to Damascus. It will definitely be an adventure to remember! Happy trails!


As a preparation, you should read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Walk_in_the_Woods_(book) :slight_smile:

Good luck!
73 de Martin / HB9GVW


Here is a Youtube link to a Thru-hiker currently hiking the AT Northbound. Watch each episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou5WD1rFvws&t=36s

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Please don’t read that. Bryson goes out dangerously unprepared and thinks it is funny. It was just stupid and sad.

There are far better books about thru-hiking.


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Yes i know

I think this community might enjoy the book “Three Hundred Zeroes”. I’ve read it twice now and always enjoy it!

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Great book! Think I’ll read it again also.

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Read “Walking with Spring” instead of Bryson’s book. Walking With Spring was written by Earl Shaffer (the first person to walk the AT). It’s a recap of his first hike. his motive was “to walk off the War” (WW2).

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When you get up to the PA/Maryland section be sure to send me a message if you need resupplied with anything! Good luck!



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Thanks for the recommendation.

73 de Martin / HB9GVW

**our plans have changed due to so many hiking the AT and im trying to get away from people we are doing the Tuscarora Trail thru hike which is a side trail from AT and its only around 250 miles and there are plenty of summits along the way and were in no hurry so will explore and have fun . planning on starting early March