Wicklow Mountains activation

Successfully activated EI/IE-001 and EI/IE-010 today. Thanks to all those I worked. Strong 5/9 signals into both South and North Wales.
Weather was a challenge, I caught the tail end of storm Lorenzo as it passed over Ireland this morning. Torrential rain and winds over 60mph on the top. By the time I got to the top of 010 it was starting to calm down a bit which was welcome.
Looking forward to activating EI/IE-002 and 014 tomorrow.
73 - Andrew EI/M1CJE


Great job in terrible conditions Andrew. Hope to be around tomorrow to catch you on Mullacleavaun and Sorrel. Sunday Iā€™m marshalling a race on Three Rock but will have my handheld so might be lucky with you. Monday looking good for you also. Hope it all works out for you


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Water coming down off the summit plateau on EI/IE-001 today.


Another great day in the Wicklow mountains today. Successfully activated EI/IE-002 and EI/IE-014. Thanks to everyone who worked me and sorry if I missed anyone. It was a much drier and calmer day today with the rain holding off until the final decent. Still a lot of water around on the flatter sections making progress slow and the summit of 002 was well up in the cloud with visibility at about 50ā€™ making the navigation an interesting challenge.

EI/IE-014 summit photo just as the weather was moving in.
Planning to activate EI/IE-005 & EI/IE-007 tomorrow with sunshine forecast for the morning :slight_smile:.

Andrew - EI/M1CJE


Great to work you today Andrew, yes a drier day in store tomorrow , enjoy the hills


Today I have finished my mini expedition to EI and the Wicklow mountains. Over four days I have activated 5 X 10 points, 2 X 8 points, a 6 point and a 4 point, but to me they were all worth so much more than the points. Along the way they have brought new friends and new experiences which is one of the joys of this SOTA that we do .
As always the mountains wherever they are deliver some impressive scenery, but these Wicklow mountains also offer some of the best walking. It has certainly been a trip to remember and I would recommend them to any SOTA enthusiast visiting the Emerald Isle.
I would especially like to thank the many chasers I have worked, especially Dec, EI6FR for his support with the planning but also Frank, Simon, Keith, Colin , Albert, John and the others who listened out for me on nearly every summit, and thanks also to the many others that I worked once or twice during my trip.

Arriving at the top of Scarr EI/IE-012
73 - Andrew, EI/M1CJE


Hi Andrew,

congrats on a clean sweep if all the summits you had planned. To manage them all on vhf in EI is no mean feat. My colleague was very amused yesterday when I was dashing from desk to car park to catch you on the summits from my mobile station. Hope you can make it over again, perhaps when the weather is kinder. Lots more for you to do within striking distance of Dublin.