Why no S2S award?

In addition to the many friendly chaser calls it is always a special pleasure to have a S2S contact. And in the database, the S2S are rated.

There are, however, to my knowledge, no special award for it.
Is there a special reason for that?

73 Chris



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I guess Chris means a title or named award that comes with that achivement.

73 Joe

It’s called the “Summit to Summit Award”.

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An example:

No wonder people can’t find it with such an obscure name.


eg “Sloat”, or “Goth” (maybe not) pertaining to the achiever, rather than the achievement…

Hello Friends,
it would be fine to add grades 10000 and 50000 points.

73, Jarek SP9MA

I would say that such an outstanding achievement deserves another sheepskin or a trophy rather than a sticker.


That’s a start but a really good title is difficult to find.
I thought about it but nothing fancy came to my mind.
Of course there is a name but it would be fun to have something like shack sloth.

What’s about the #Mountain Eagle# flies from summit to summit.

73 Chris

Sorry, I have no problem at all,

  • neither with the naming (Summit to Summit Award)

  • nor with the current grading (250/500/1000/2500/5000/10k/25k/50k points).

BTW, an even longer name would be Activator Summit to Summit Award, hi.


A while back I suggested a variation on the s2s award that combines it with the “complete” concept.

An “s2s complete” if you like.

Not only s2s with a summit but the other way around as well. A to B and B to A.

Difficult in many combinations of summits. For most operators, A and B need to be in their home country or even in the same association.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH in EA

Hero of the Hills … ?
Emperor of Elevation … ?
Supreme Summitter … ?


Super Trouper?


Nice, it shortens to ASS Award!

Actually the MT discussed the problem of a suitable name on several occasions but nothing suggested so far either from the MT or on the reflector has really hit the mark. Perhaps at this late date (the award has been going for several years now) we should stop looking, the award is special, it doesn’t need a catchy name!


As an activator, if another activator on a summit calls in the pile up he usually says “summit to summit” on ssb or sends “s2s” on cw to request to work you then when called he/she makes the qso with the exchange and summit reference. I see nothing wrong with the existing name for the award.
Ian vk5cz …

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Shack Sloth?
I’m nearing 100 unique Summits, and 95% of my chaser contacts are from the field. Seeing as I’m in a concrete canyon and can’t get above the roofline with an antenna, some days I feel I’ve hike more than a Goat as I try to find a place to make my stand.
Sloth, indeed, but then sloths don’t move too far. Generally I stay under 1,000 yards!

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I hear hawks and eagles calling each other from high points. Maybe Hawk, Osprey, Eagle or Falcon award? Just a thought.

I agree… existing name is fine. The only thing I like better is being first. There was a glass trophy involved. Barry thought it would take six months to qualify… it took 22 days. Then, HB9BCB reached 5,000 points in less than five months and never stopped. We had to keep adding colors to the paper award just for him.
Elliott, K6EL, former K6ILM