Why does the sotadata website time out SOOOO quickly?

Why does stomata website log me out within 10 mins of idle time?

does my login and connection put load on the database? is their a limit to connections? OR is this a legacy thing? surely this is just something to do with the cookies and session time? easy to extend?

i understand why my online banking website times me out quickly, but for sota? it seems a bit excessive?

how many people are using public computers (library) to upload info? vs the majority?

is it possible to extend the time out? or have a tick box, keep me always logged in?


That’s the programmed value.

Not really, it’s all event driven so when you’re not requesting pages, nothing is happening.

Yes. It’s a shared hosting and shared database engine. But connections are transient, i.e. you request a page, a connection is made, data flows, connection is closed.

I think it’s the default session timeout for ASP.NET applications. I have never touched it,.

I think it’s merely a call to request a bigger value. I did look a while back but can’t remember.

In your opinion. Works fine for everyone else.



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Well, from time to time I am also a bit annoyed about being logged out frequently when having a close look at the results lists. But no annoyed enough I dared to bother Andy with this.
If this is really a simple call and other participants think the same I would vote for increasing the session timeout.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

I’d agree with that, it’s annoying sometimes and a modest increase in the timeout value would be good.

Colin G8TMV

One of the issues is that we are hosted on a server farm and your session is not sticky to a particular server. This means that if the host is busy and you get served by a different server than before your session is no longer valid and wham… logged out. That is one reason why people get logged out before the time out. It happens so infrequently in the great universe of database access that it’s not a big issue especially as partial entries are preseved across sessions. Log in again and continue.

I have a feeling that I did play with this in the past and it didn’t change. That is again an issue with shared hosting, I can request the session timeout in the database app, but I don’t have access rights to change the timeouts in IIS or the worker/application pools for ASP.NET. If the hosting company has overidden the timeout then it wont change and I think that was the previous result. But, again I think this was before we were upgraded (last year?) so maybe they have upped the values now the servers are bigger/less loaded.

This is one of the problems with ASP.NET, there’s so much going on (a bit like USB!) Most of the time you can take the Web Developer for Windows tools and take one of the web app examples, tweak/edit/hack/compile and you have a perfectly viable web app. For 99% of apps that’ll be all you need. But now I think we’re in the 1% of other apps and some more customisation/control maybe needed.

It doesn’t cause me any problems. As I have an aversion to entering data I don’t enter my chases until a page in the (paper) log is full, sometimes I get an attack of the “what the hells” and leave it to two pages. So, I enter 25 or 50 chases manually, this can take over an hour, but I do not get logged out. If I go for a cuppa or something stronger then it will log out while I’m gone, but a few key strokes and it is ready again while I get comfy and ready to work.

As I see it, all you have to do is be aware of how the database works, and keep its interest in you by keeping busy (sorry to anthropomorphalise it but that’s the way I see it!) so there is no need to change anything as long as you don’t treat a page like wallpaper!