Why CW is superior ... at Xmas

No, not again a praise that performance of CW is better than mode ???

Just a very practical advantage: While working a pile-up, you can still nosh Christmas cookies, without getting an abysmal report because of your mumbling :smile:

But please don’t tell, me that CW is such a versatile mode, because you can even use your straight morse key for cracking nuts :grimacing:

Here’s a photo of todays activation of the Kohlbergspitze, OE/TI-387, at a height of 2200m ASL:

The activation started with a nice summit-to-summit-chat with Herbert, OE9HRV, on 10m and then continued on the 30m band with CW and 20m band on SSB.

SSB of course, after all cookies have been eaten :wink:

Thanks for all contacts.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

73 Stephan, DM1LE


Stephan, excellent pictures and you had good weather. In parts of Northern England some 7.5cm of rain has fallen today!

Your photo is giving more proof that the CW paddle key is overpriced for the KX3 against better alternatives…:slight_smile:

Problem is that hole is large enough for water ingress. I have covered mine with Kapton tape.

You still have to log though as well as eating biscuits :wink:

Great weather indeed. Wednesday was nice here. Now its gone back to rain :frowning:


Thanks, Stephan, for today’s QSO on 30m CW.
I can almost see you enjoying your cookies while exchanging report and greetings with me on the air :smile: That’s great.
I see jealously the beautiful blue sky you had today and the great views.
We’ve been all days inmersed in the fog since last Monday. Not rain but high humidity and low temperatures all day long.
Best 73 and HNY de Guru

Great wx Stephan, here in Buxton, 30km South of Manchester, we’ve had 8.6 hours sunshine in December so far.
73 Steve.

Lovely cookies and lovely photos with a bright but chilly aspect.

Apart from munching on cookies one can slurp on a thermos of hot coffee and peck away with the paddle at the same time.

Try and call cq into your microphone and drink coffee at the same time.

Difficult. :grinning:

Gottle of geer!



Fantastic I like who works in CW even in snow.

Merry Christmas IN3AQK