Why can I not log a QSO from more than 10 years ago ?

As per Title.

I found a QSO in my own logs from September 2006 that I have NOT previously uploaded or entered into the database and found that if I attempt to upload it as CSV I just get

If I attempt to enter it directly as a chaser entry I get a message that says I cannot upload logs older than 10 years.


It’s actually that you cannot submit logs older than 15 years but the text in the message was never updated.

I’ve just realised that doesn’t explain why there is a limit. There was a good reason in the past but I can’t remember what it was now. The requirement can probably be dropped. If you log the QSO with exactly the same data but the wrong year, say 2021, I’ll tweak the date on it for you to 2006.


hi, i have the same problem, with a bunch of qso’s from 2009

I missed the follow up - entry now made for 2021.

Should be OK now.

Phil @ON7GO, PM with the details and I can fix it for you.

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