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Who is PD4FL

PD4FL multiple spots, never heard him on the band, no logs, always 14.222, ON/ON-001 spot via Outdlog


Nothing heard here either but it was another strong station on the same QRG.

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Hi Lars,
His name is Freddie Lageman qrz.com :crazy_face:
and here also HRDLOG.net
73 Éric


Yes I know
Spots for a long time now, always the same freq same summit never heard

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It’s one more enigma !!!
maybe his house near the Signal de Botrange ON/ON-001 :joy:

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I guess he is testing the app Outd Log on his phone and is sending spots without adding a comment indicating a test.

I have emailed him.


Hi Tom,
I think we are pretty much done here. Would you mind closing the thread?
Thank you!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!