Who has most qso on a PP3 9volt battery?

Duracell claim their battery last longer. Well I may try one when mine is depleted.
I put a Philips Alkaline battery to use 10/11-09 and used it on 4 activations of LA/TM-049. Worked 37qso so far. Still current left in battery so more qso will follow.
So far QSO to: DL, EI, F, G, GW, HA, HB9, I, LA, OE, ON and S5

Rig is 100mW.
So with a regular Sealed Lead Accid Battery (SLAB) of type NP6-12 7AH I do believe one can run TX all winter.
73 de LA1KHA Kjell

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Hi Kjell,

Although I don’t use it for DX, I have had a military PP3
Duracell in my Mizuho MX2 144MHz SSB handheld for many years
and I can certainly confirm that those batteries are long lived.

Only one or two SOTA contacts though, using the station antenna.

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

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Seems to be a nice rig. I am interested in informations about the used rig and antenna.
73 de Dago, DJ5KZ

Hi friends Dago DJ5KZ and Dave G0ELJ.
Thanks for your replays.
God work on your Duracell mr Dave. No DX in log with my battery either.
But it is possible.

The rig here is a rockmite from smallwonderlabs.

I use xtals for 10.120. The rig has keyer input, but no memory option.
So I use a RMK keyer chip from Jacksonharbor
The antenna is a dipole antenna 2 x 7.1m and henging up in some trees up on the summit. Antenna is east/ west directive.
Rig and battery photo here.

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I have a Rockmite too. They do work well. In fact I think they are the simplest viable design that can be reliably used for SOTA.

I am currently testing an SW-80+ that I built yesterday. My idea is to make a sleeping-bag radio as per the thoughts in EMRFD. Then I will do some overnight activating.

Good luck with the PP3 QSO count.



on the 5.th activation to day I made 9QSO. This tottaling the qso in the battery to 46.I controlled the output power to 70mW after the trip. This may be a little low for spectacular qso`s. But I will try to squeeze a little more from the battery.
I had this idea some time ago and talked to LA1ENA Aage to make a friendly test “most qso on a 9v battery” Some interest in this subject?

73 de LA1KHA Kjell

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Hi Kjell,

This is how I have been operating ATS3B though I use 8 x AA alkaline or lithium cells. I do change the batteries after the voltage becomes too low. Typically the first activation with fresh cells has power 4 - 5 W and at the end I am approaching 1 - 2 W. I did not dear to try QRPp though. Here is my incomplete list.


The 8 AA alkaline cells were already used a little as spare batteries before
starting to use them for the SOTA activations. The total number of activations
is 7 with total number of 187 QSOs.

The power was measured before the activation to DL1 dummy load. Thus the
actual power during the activation was less than the value shown in the table (not so easy to read).

Aug 3 F/AB-324 11.5 3.77 43
Aug 24 F/AB-297 11.2 3.62 26
Oct 7 F/JU-002 10.4 2.86 18
Oct 26 F/AB-293 10.2 2.5 30
Nov 9 F/AB-321 10.2 2.5 13

Jan 11 F/AB-401 9.8 2.0 37

new alkaline cells
Jan 17 F/AB-409 12.5 4.5 20

In fact you can operate even without batteries using a solar cell. It is quite funny to hear the RX from ATS3B just connecting it to the panel. The TX output power is very low however unless you are in direct sun light.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Most impressive. My compliments on your qrp achievements.
Now we have a new challenge also.Most QSO on 8x AA battery.
or as the KX1 has 6 xAA Batterys.AA cells.
hpe cu dr om.
73 de Kjell

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Hi Kjell,

Now we have a new challenge also.Most QSO on 8x AA battery.
or as the KX1 has 6 xAA Batterys.AA cells.

For me the motivation is not only the amateur radio. Light weight is needed in long hiking in wilderness and climbing high mountains. For example my back bag during the Saariselka hiking in September was 17 kg including radio, water 1.5 l, food, tent, sleeping bag etc. So even if this battery power was not strictly necessary in all my activations, I wanted to gain experience for more demanding expeditions - whether or not I will ever do them.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

on the 6.th activation to day I made 95QSO. This tottaling the qso in the battery to 51.
After last activation my rig gave 70mW.
I messured voltage on Battery when down in my car. 8.4v.
In the rig I use a 1N4007 diode for voltage protection this drops the voltage by 0.5 to 0.7volt.
I do not think I use this battery more. It is cold and dark in the woods and summits now.But in summer I try out one Duracell battery. they keeps it going ang going …
73 de LA1KHA Kjell

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The whole idea of using batteries or even solar cells seem over-complicated these days: