Who forgot to fill the gas tank?

A few snaps of my activation on a SOTA peak in Olympic National Park



Nice story Paul,

And the “business card” is a good idea. More likely to have it with you than the “What’s Going On Here?” hand out sheet that I take to popular summits.
“You haven’t been low on fuel 'til you’ve been low on fuel in an airplane out to sea!”

Ken, K6HPX

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Been there done that in a C-141 over the Atlantic. Navigation system went bad and we were a bit lost flying at night to Germany. Fortunately we found the Azores and landed for breakfast and repair.

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Yes, it does get your attention. Got back to the beach in ground effect, with wheels 10 ft. over the water, and feeling the swells. 50% power and near full cruise speed. This was between Greenland and Canada. 65 HP 1943 Army Air Force L-2M. Nav system was dead reckoning. Had to turn back because of cloud cover down to the sea. Made it to a twin otter emergency strip and got some boat gas from the locals. Nice to have a 73-octane engine!