Which of My Summits Have I Not Posted a Guide For?

Sotadata can tell me which sites I’ve activated. Sotawatch knows the sites for which I’ve submitted a ‘resource’ (which is usually a guide to the summit).

I wish for a report I could run to list the sites I’ve activated for which I have not posted a resource.

A recurring complaint on the NASota mailing list is that there are many activated summits without guides on how to get there. I’m sure that some activators intend to post a guide to help the next guy, and that they manage to post some of them. (I know that describes me.)

The issue of ‘missing’ guides in probably not an issue in countries that have been doing SOTA longer, because someone will post a guide sooner or later.

Kevin / K4KPK

In reply to K4KPK:

Kevin -

Yes, that would be a useful feature for the database from my viewpoint. Many activators publish their “trip reports” on NASOTA or in a personal blog. Unfortunately these are often hard to find and may move or be deleted over time.

I applaud those that write up specific information on how to find the trailhead, the length and elevation gain of the trail and what might be found at the summit. Access issues are really important to know in advance too. For summits in my ‘neighborhood’ it may not matter a great deal, but when I am visiting a new association and may not have time to scout the location, learning from those that have been there before is very helpful and much appreciated.