Which Italian regional call signs to use?


When activating I/SI-153, Serra Palazzo – Quota 770, yesterday one of the chasers (sorry, not sure who) said I should be using IT9 as a prefix as I am on Sicily, rather than just the letter ‘I’.

I have had a quick look on-line and found contradictory advice. It perhaps looks like there was a recent change in February 2023?

Can anyone point me to definitive guidance on what visiting radio amateurs should do here?




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Yet TR61-01 (the instrument granting privileges to operate) says Italy is I prefix:


I operators would not be operating in Sicily under TR61-01 so they would have to follow their own license conditions.

But arguing about cept prefixes is just another pointless band police activity.


It’s an interesting one Colwyn. The CEPT document says just I so you are correct to just use I/M0YCJ. It does not mention using regional identifiers. Whether it’s OK or not to use IT9 is not defined. Probably Italian stations should use the regional prefix.

EDIT: Ah me and my namesake say the same thing without having conferred. :wink:


The prefix “I” must be placed before the call when a foreigner is transmitting from Italy. We Italians have to put the region code after the call .
IT9 for Italian rules is simply a region, so only the prefix I/M0YCJ could be used, ditto for Sardinia, which however is also a different DXCC country. In this case IS0/M0YCJ might be appropriate. I always use IK2LEY/P, in every region except Sardinia. The region number can be useful in case of VHF and UHF operations, to help the correspondent in pointing the antenna.
73 Fabio


These things tend not to be defined - so I imagine that either IT9/M0YCJ/P or I/M0YCJ/P is legal, and acceptable. Both are unambiguously a UK station operating under CEPT in Italy.

I know that (for instance) I could operate from Tenerife as either EA/M1EYP/P or EA8/M1EYP/P.


Hi Colwin,

I was me spotting you IT9/M0YCJ/P because on database find the other 3 activations on I/SI-153 :

Sorry :wink:
I will correct my log
73, Éric


Hi Colwyn,

As some have suggested here, the correct prefix for mainland Italy is simply “I”, regardless of which Italian mainland region you’re operating from. I lived for a few years in Tuscany, I5 land, and after doing background research while there, it was clear that a “I5” prefix was not necessary, so I signed “I/DM1CM”.

Apart from the “IS0” required for Sardinia, I’m not sure what the other islands with special prefixes would require - i.e. Lampedusa; I do however think “IT9” is correct for operating in Sicily. But, as others say, there do not appear to be clearly defined rules for this.

Cheers, Rob


As recommend at multiple occasions:

DARC CEPT Info Summary

Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e. V.

73 Joe


Thanks Eric,

I didn’t know which prefix was correct but it looks like I/M0YCJ/P from now on.

Thanks for QSO today on I/SI-281.



From this list, using either I or IT9 seems OK. I’m planning a trip to Sicily in May and think I will use the optional IT9/G4JXP, since it clearly identifies the activity as being from Sicily.


Hi Simon,

It does seem to be a personal choice. As Tom wrote above, “Both are unambiguously a UK station operating under CEPT in Italy.”

The summit reference will also identify the activity as Sicilian.

Perhaps I was just saving myself a couple of computer keystrokes when logging, at least that is my Sicilian defence!

Have a good trip.



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Hi Colwyn, Where are you based over there?


we spent about a week in Cefalu on the north coast with beaches etc. A bit of a drive to the hills (only 6 pointers), then over to near a fantastic hilltop village called Gangi which I do heartily recommend; there is a summit I activated in the middle of the village. We then stayed at Agriturismo Capuano which was brilliant, then at a Hotel in Cesarò which I do not recommend!

I was hoping to activate Mount Etna but the cost of a (mandatory) guide for one person seemed somewhat indulgent and I question if you can actually visit the true summit after the most recent eruptions!

A splendid trip!

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I visited Sicily this summer; I managed to activate 4 summits and also climbed Etna, from the north slopes with a guide and 4x4 bus. It’s not very safe up there; the weather conditions can change any time including wind that carry volcanic gas. The guides have radios to stay in touch and inform each other in case of danger. We were a very small group but I can’t imagine asking the others to take a 10 minutes just to allow me to play with my radio. Yes, I was in the activation zone according to the SOTA Goat app. But despite not being able to activate it, it was a memorable experience, once in a lifetime!


I was visiting Mt. Etna a couple of days ago. It is very expensive, yes. Even if you only take the cable car it costs 50 Euros.

And from the top of the cable car station you need a guide to go further up. But it is a very memorable and beautiful hike to the top and the main crater. And you get a lot of interesting information from the guide.

I was in the activation zone. But due to very strong wind and I wanted to avoid that my group has to wait for me, there was unfortunately no activation. But a day I will never forget…


Maybe an opportunity for a KH1 owner?


Also an FM handheld can be useful, if the right conditions are in place.
You should be able to make easy contacts both inside Sicily and also mainland Italy.