Where's Brian?

Just a quick one, Brian (ADD) was going to the lakes for a spot of activating, has anyone heard from him ? It takes me a while to reach a summit these days but he was supposed to be summiting on Staurday !!

Joking apart, though he is normally about but not heard anything for a few days.


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Even moderators should be allowed the occasional long weekend Lee!

73 Phil

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Dont I know, but with Brian not showing it set alarm bells ringing.

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Nice to be missed, guys! No mobile coverage at the Bowderstone Cottage, I’m afraid, so I couldn’t update.

As for Saturday, a bit of dialogue for your amusement!

XYL: what are we doing today?
ADD: As I said yesterday, Dale Head.
XYL: (Firmly) Cat Bells!
ADD: What?
XYL: Cat Bells. I’ve never done it, and it looked great on television!
ADD: But I’ve alerted for Dale Head!
XYL: Cat Bells!
ADD: But it isn’t a Marilyn…
XYL: You can play radio tomorrow, dear, today I want to do Cat Bells!
ADD: (Resignedly) Yes, Dear.

So Cat Bells it was, and its still a lovely walk despite the hordes that infest it - but nowhere near as easy with winter grease on the rocks as it looks with the delectable Julia posing on it!

As for the activation, well the rig wouldn’t work, it was traced to a power lead fault, I think I overstressed it when I pulled it out of the rucsac on Saturday - in future I’m carrying a basic tool kit in the car! I hope my run of bad luck is running out of ideas!


Brian G8ADD

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Thanks for the update Brian, glad you are back. Cat Bells is a cracker, but a bit busy sometimes.

See you on the dark side tomorrow


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Right now I feel far from fit!


Brian G8ADD