Where to upload my summit log?

Hi all,

first of all, a big ‘Hello’ from a SOTA newcomer. Although licenced since 1996, I never happened to be very active so far. Activating summits looks like a good pastime for the period laying ahead of me.

My first question might sound a little ridiculous to some people. I’ll give it a try anyway. Maybe, my glasses are not sharp enough, but I seem to have overseen the place to upload my summit logs. A link will be much appreciated. Thank you and good chasing/activating.


Hi, Joe. Go to the database, you will see a button for it at the top of the Sotawatch page. You will need to create an account as for now it is a seperate sign-in.

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SOTA Database

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Thanks, Brian, for your reply. Registering an account on that website was pretty easy. Now I’m struggling with my Android tablet that does not show any action on clicking the menu items on http://www.sotadata.org.uk/ I’ll probably try it on my desktop computer later on.

Watch out for on-screen keyboard sneakiness! They have a habit of sticking a space on the end when you’re not looking. This can cause confusion over username/password entry.

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It doesn’t work well on Android.

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Yup… BUT I have found a reliable method. It’s not “pretty” but it works.

I enlarge the screen (two finger pinch) to show the menu item eg “Logon/Logoff”, then press the screen on that item and HOLD it for a couple of seconds. This causes two things to happen.

  1. a foreground pop up “white box” appears with options to do stuff like “open new tab, download link, etc.”
  2. the menu dropdown I really want appears behind this box.

I then tap outside the white box anywhere else on the browser window. This closes the foreground “white box”, but crucially it leaves the expanded menu behind. I can then tap the menu item I want. In this case “logon”.

If you have a “double drop-down” eg. “View Results”, “My Results”, My activator log", just do the above twice to expand both menus to reach the “My activator log” item - then just tap that to open.

Works every time for me.

Not ideal, but at least it causes predictable behaviour on Android.

I’m on a couple of different Samsung devices running fairly up to date releases. “Your mileage may vary” as the saying goes… good luck!

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I also discovered this - it works on my cheapish Motorola/Lenovo mobile phone.

Hej Jörg,

once again, you surprised me, this time by showing up on the reflector.
So, that makes four SOTA activators in Hangover! :slight_smile: It’s good to see we’re growing though SOTA is highly addicting and you better don’t start activating! :wink:

How about a joint activation?
See you on the local repeaters!


Hi Pom,
great to see you here! So far, I’d not call myself a SOTA addict. Anyway, it seems a good way to practice ham radio plus having some outdoor fun. Same applies to WCA activities. My next one is going to be some holiday style operation in LZ starting next week. Got some details here. We should definitely keep a joint activation in mind. See you on the local repeaters for further discussion.
Joe(rg), DJØJB / KLØJB