Where to go with the trx in the plane?

On Friday we fly on vacation to Cornwall and Dorset.
I have never gone on a trip with amateur radio equipment in the plane. I will take a KX2 with accessories, a pole and wire antennas. I think I take the KX2 in hand luggage (backpack) in the plane and pack the rest in the suitcase.
Does that make sense or are there better solutions? Do you pack everything in the suitcase?

73 Armin

Hello Armin,

Radio and batteries in the hand luggage is recommended. Make sure that the batteries have the Watthours on the label. This is what the airlines have as criteria. Usually it is <100 Wh.
Maybe bring your licence (or at least a copy) with you.
Everything else in the check-in luggage is fine.
Worked for me several times. There is also a reflector thread about airport security with weird stories. So no guarantee but in Europe you should be fine.

Here the airport security topic:

73 Joe


Lithium batteries definitely need to be in carry on.

I haven’t had any problems bring my radio stuff in either carry on or checked.

Seeing the condition of my check-in baggage after just a few flights, I would never put any valuable electronics in it. Besides, the KX2 has an internal lithium battery, so doesn’t that have to go in hand hand luggage? Putting a transceiver in check in baggage is like storing it overnight in a cement mixer: bad idea!
73 de OE6FEG


Hi Armin, usually have no problem with travel with radio. About Lion batteries check with your airlines the maximum watt hours are different. I have always radio and batteries in my hand luggage.

73 Ondra OK1CDJ