When you get a couple of months behind

My SOTA Database entries were fully up-to-date in the middle of May. But I thought it would be a good idea to catch up…


Well done Tom,

I am waiting for a spare moment as I have some January activations yet to upload. I’ve managed all the others from May to this month. Amazing how a distraction can snowball into a blockage.

I always enjoy reading about your latest ramble. BTW you seem to be down to fighting trim. Even better.


It’s good to see that figure is only 76 secs. You have one of the “worst” logs from a recalculation point of view and if it only takes 76secs for that then we have a nice hefty amount of headroom left before the DB app throws a transaction incomplete timeout.

I always try to enter my activation logs straight after the day, partly due to the readability of my portable log sheets but also becuase I know some chasers like to check their contacts.

Now my chasing log, that’s a totally different matter - lots to catch up on there!

73 Ed.


Hi Tom,
Well done!
I usually upload my activation log to the database in the afternoon-evening-night of the same activation day or the following day latest. Otherwise I fear forgetting about doing it at all, as it has happened to me sometimes in the past not with the SOTA database but with importing the activation log to my Logger32 main station log, and also not understanding some of my handwriting made during the activation on the paper log.
My advise to all activators is to always try to schedule/squeeze some time to write and upload the activation log within the activation day or the next day latest. That is also helpful to the chasers for checking the activator log looking for infos or possible errors.
I’ve been often trying to check some activator log to confirm that the QSO was good and I’m actually in the log or the summit reference, or the band/mode because I seemed to have logged it wrongly and this wasn’t always possible due to the activator not having yet uploaded the activator log.
Likewise, I try to always upload my daily chaser log in the evening or at nights before going to bed.
Best 73,


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It’s easy to stay up to date when you use the VK port-a-log logging and spotting software for Android. It produces files ready to upload to sotadata, ie. both activator and chaser CSVs (for the S2S contacts). In fact you can even upload them before packing the log away on the summit. I usually don’t, but have done occasionally…

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

No doubts, Andrew, but I still prefer logging on paper with a pencil during my activations. Typing the log on SAISIE SOTA once I’m home doesn’t take more than a few minutes and this also produces activator and chaser .csv files for direct uploading to the SOTA database, as well as a .adi file for my Logger32 main log.
Also, because I enjoy remembering the activation details of each and every QSO when typing the log from paper to the PC. It’s like having twice the same fun :slight_smile:



I just type everything into an Excel spreadsheet. That is also quick as you can fill down, autocomplete previous callsigns etc. It’s then just a few clicks to format the file either for import into Logger32, or into the SOTA Database - I do both.

Here, Here Guru - I also prefer no to rely on computing equipment for logging on the summit - mostly as often I can see the screen becuase of sunglare. In any case my route is written on normal paper on an A5 form (design freely available from my website if anyone is interested) using a write in the wet pen now (that was a recent and very valuable upgrade). Then when I get hom, all entries get transferred into the home log book and names added where I don’t have them. Then into the SOTA database and enter the activation within the next 24-48 hours. On the chasing side, the contacts go into the station log and then SOTA CSV Editor gets used to enter them as a large batch into the system (when I get around to doing it).

73 Ed.

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