When does the SOTA Map show you being the last to activate a summit?

Been two weeks since my last two and the map doesn’t show it? One is a first the second a second. My first of a first showed my call in a day. de Jason

did u send this frm ur phone?

No - through the website data base entry form. W1WOW

Thank you for any help!

Jason Hulet

same story here. Did a 1st time summit two weeks ago and it has still not updated in the data base.


Posted again because the first disappeared.

I noticed the last summit I did didn’t update either. Summit: W6/CT-012 Waterman Mtn. Activation Date:18OCT2015

It definitely seems that something is not working.


I am fairly certain the information that the SOTA Mapping Project displays for each summit is derived from the summitslist.csv file. This file has not been recreated since the database issues earlier this month. I got bit by this over the weekend when I got a new phone, installed SOTA Goat and it couldn’t update it’s internal summits database. I tried updating the list several times before I realized what the problem was. I think I remember Andy saying the summitslist.csv was not being generated at the moment and the direct link is going to the most popular page on the Internet - “404 - File or directory not found”. :grin:


73, pat - KI4SVM

Andy has addressed the issue here:

73, pat - KI4SVM


Thank you for making the issue clear and explaining what has been going on. I should have figured it was tied to all the issues we have been having. It would have been a shame to lose any data.

Thanks again,
73, Ryan K6WYO