Wheeler Peak early activation

Joe N0MAP and myself (Jeff, AA6XA) are planning to hike up to Wheeler Peak tomorrow morning. The goal is to get there to watch the sunrise at 6am local (1200z).
We’re hoping there will be some North American chasers awake, and that 20 might be open to Europe. Keep an ear up, and hope to hear you on the air!

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I will be listening…
de John Paul // AB4PP

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you fellas were up early… glad to get you in the log twice…

Richard // N2GBR

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Thank you to all the chasers!

It took a bit longer than planned to get to the summit, so we missed the sunrise, but it was a beautiful day to be out. Both Joe and myself had plenty of people to work in the pileups.
Our goal was to hike around the cirque, but a sketchy class 3/4 section turned us back. We all made it down safely, so there hike was a success.
Keep an eye out for trip reports and videos :grinning:

Wheeler Peak is great site for CQ VHF Contest :slight_smile:

We’ll be out again tomorrow morning. The plan is to get Cerro Pedernal, W5N/SE-018, at 1400z (8am mountain time). Not quite as early as our Wheeler time, but hope to hear some chasers then!
In the afternoon the plan is to drive over to Chicoma and activate it.