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What's Up (or Down) With SotaWatch

Why has SotaWatch been down for extended periods of time the last several days?

  • 73, John, N0TA

I don’t know. Has anyone reported it to the guy who runs it using the contact the MT form on the website?

I didn’t report it. I noted the situation and presumed there was maintenance going on, or an issue that would be resolved when it was possible.

We have the parksnpeaks.org site which serves as a temporary substitute but not all vk/zl sotawatch users would go there automatically.

I did find a link on the main sota website named “Contact”. Selecting that link provides a contact form, allowing you to select which MT member you wish to receive the query. The sotawatch manager is one of the options.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

I didn’t post anything either this morning. It looked to me like unexpected maintenance the first time The second time is puzzling. But I was packing the car for a long (for me) drive and wanted to get away.

Sorry for the outages everyone. It turned out to be a disk space issue on the server caused by logs getting a bit out of control. We have now addressed this.

73, Jon


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the information about the sotawatch outage.

As you know, I didn’t realise I could notify the outage until Andy posted his suggestion above of lodging a note using the Contact link on the sota.org.uk website.

I would suggest it would be handy to add some explicit text in an appropriate place advising users how to notify such outages. The link with the text “Contact” does not suggest it is for such uses. Rather like the nice story about the superfluous member of the gun crew whose role had been forgotten, perhaps this is a small matter that could be improved substantially with a minor tweak.

The same Contact (or perhaps Notify Outage) item and link could usefully be added to the reflector website menu.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

Thank you for the effort and keeping the SOTA Watch WWW site up and running so well.

Chuck, K8HU