Whats happenned

Were we so spoilt by so many operators on the summits recently
Last two days nothing but C/W ops bar the odd SSB ops


Please take a mike with you
Getting serious withdrawal symptoms
My climb up the points scale has slowed to snails pace

Ho Hum :smile:
just have to wait for them to return

BIG sigh


You could always take the opportunity during the lull in activity to learn some Morse code, Karl!

Walt (G3NYY)


As an SSB man myself, I do sympathise, Karl, but activators do it their way. Most of what you are seeing is the doldrums that usually set in before the winter bonus commences, activity should buck up in a week’s time!


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prob not bad idea walt
and finish off me tower project too then start building the beam

is addictive in it
they do warn you don’t they :smile:

Many of us, me included, have learned CW purely because of SOTA. It’s a natural mode to use because it lends itself to portable operating in so many ways. Hey, if you think this is addictive, wait until you start doing SOTA CW!

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Quite believe that and all
best laugh is wait till one has to go out and MOT the car and they will all come on air at once you watch :smile:


25% of spots for the last 48hrs were SSB. I didn’t count the FM spots. CW spots are machine generated so always outnumber manual spots. There doesn’t seem to be anything different about those figures compared to the normal split between CW & SSB.


Try a bit of WAB’ing in the SOTA downtimes!

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Don’t worry Karl you can work me in ~3.5 hrs, if you can sustain your patience. :wink:

Remember the activator is always king, you may not appreciate just how cold it is at the moment going on the key is tough.


Just the normal variability in activations and spots sometimes means there’s a clean sweep of CW or SSB on the main SOTAwatch page. The real trick (especially with SSB chasing) is to watch the alerts, and see whether you can catch an activation before the spots appear. :wink:

I’m afraid you’ll get little sympathy from the Morse Evangalists, Karl.

However, those of us who have Acticvated with a mic and a decent antenna, have been handsomely rewarded this year.

73 Mike

Oh my God, here we go again Grrrr…
How many times might people complain about CW activators? May we also complain about FM or VHF activations too?
I would want to remark that sometimes, CW activators make also SSB or FM activity too. Is this true also in the inverse cases?
I think that the question to be appreciated might be the effort of that crazy people hiking the summits, and not whether they make HF,VHF,SSB,FM,CW or others… Don’t thank them! They must do it better, and if strong enough, carrying a 45Ah battery and 100w rig! I don’t want that ones with small signals… And , why not! I want to make the QSO in my own language, why just english?

Sorry about this, but it is sad to read posts like this every 3/4 months


The beauty of cw is that just by learning a few q codes and procedure it can act as a lingua franca for everyone regardless of their native language. If we all stick to voice most of us in the English speaking world are more than happy at the moment because English is also a very popular linqua franca for most Europeans. However, we may have to switch to another language one day, I had better start learning Mandarin!

Nick G4OOE

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To be honest, I rather admire those that go out in bitter cold or very windy conditions and send legible morse code, its a very tactile mode, and there must be a trick to using it when you are shivering with cold or being buffeted by wind, and wearing thick gloves. Last time I went up the Old Man of Coniston in winter conditions there was sheet ice all over the place (the descent was an adventure in itself!) and even wearing good thermal gloves my hand went numb operating the mike. I could not imagine sending morse code in such cold conditions!

Admire them though I do, I don’t suppose I will join them. As the old advert said, “It’s good to talk!”


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Hi Karl,
nice to meet you on 20m SSB on two of my three recent activations. I am a cw man, so consider yourself lucky😄. I have a mike with me on all activations, just many times there is no time or weather is not good enough for me to stay longer on a summit. And I am usually under time preassure, as I have to be home at 2pm latest.
Keep on good chasing, you will be at 1k soon!
Hope to meet u many more times.
73, Mirko S52CU


Not knocking the C/W operators at all far am concerned there clever in what they do Just shame one can’t do it as yet.

And wot did i tell you

Go out do MOT on car and three appear LOL
Typical in it :smile:

Never mind just go drown ones sorrow in a cuppa

But end of day all big respect to those that climb this hills mountain to provide us with wot were all obsessed with in what Mode there using and giving up time to active the summits for ever grateful

know what they say if can’t beat them join them will do it one day



Car MOT failed :frowning:
gotta couple bits to be sorted out


There’s always something …


Walt (G3NYY)

…it is beautiful. Sadly Nick there’s none so blind as those that can’t see. Worse than those that can’t see are those that wont see. So we get the ad nauseum repeat of “there’s too many CW spots”.

I can’t do X. There is too much X. I shall moan there is not enough Y. Do Y for me because I can’t do X.

Well I’m sorry, if you can’t do X then you don’t get to complain about too many people doing X and expect your complaint to be taken seriously. Those that can but don’t want to, well their comments are worthy of consideration.

TNSTAAFL and ain’t that a bitch!


if can’t beat them join them will do it one day

Good on yer Karl! That’s EXACTLY why I did it too. There was just too much of SOTA I was missing out on, both from the activator and chaser perspectives, and I wanted a slice of that action too.

Best thing is you can then activate with a radio half the size of a FT817, an aerial made from four bits of wire and some coax. The whole lot weighs less than a flask of soup, but still drags in all the DX from all continents. More fun than you would ever imagine!

Sorry to hear about the motor. That time is coming up shortly for me too. I hate and dread it.

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Its TANSTAAFL unless you begin it with “T’AIN’T”!

Whether there are too many CW spots or not, there is no obligation to use any mode, and long may it remain so. It’s a pity that a post that I saw as essentially humorous should get such unhumorous replies. Keep it light, guys, it is nowhere near being worth a rant.