What weight?

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Just want to leave home to drive to the Eifel: I have to carry 11 kg too.
73 de Lutz DL3SBA

12kg. Practice Practice Practice

73 Norby

11 to 14 kg depending upon the bands used. I always carry survival kit regardless of the weather or how close a summit is to civilisation. Water weighs a lot for what it is, but it is absolutely essential.

73, Gerald

I run on about 17-20kg… includes the kettle!

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About 7 Kg. But will change to a smaller SLAB and less wire less tools, and use only one tuner so probably the scale will show 5 Kg, without the thermos with coffe and cheese sandwiches.

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eeeeeh - for what do you need a kettle?! :wink:

to prepare the magic potion of course! :wink:

to stay on topic: The weight here is varying as well. From 8-10kg for quick and easy activations up to 15-20kg, always depending on the tour.

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14-17kg depending if PSK gear is with and summer or winter.


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About 10kg here (with QRP HF station and small 2m FM). But I am still working on some optimization.


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My backpack weighs 7kg including spare fleece jacket and water bottle.
I run QRP SSB only.



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my QRO-Rucksack has about 10kg, where the RIG has 6kg:

the QRP-Rig has 1kg: KX1 400g (with 4xLi-Ion AA cells 700mAh) + Antenna 600g

the bottle beer is not included :wink:

73 andy DL2DVE

different from activation to activation.
so about 8-11kg. but have all things as tuners,connectors,paddles,antennas twice
in it !
for my next multimode/bands QRO activations in a few weeks,
its about 20kg due to the bigger slab …

vy 73 Klaus

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Just back home with my rucksac:
11kg with 2 x 2.4Ah slabs and antenna pole; no food or water.

73 Alain F6ENO