What TTMT means?

is anybody already hear about TTMT ?
73 QRO
F5LKW - Roger

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as an abbreviation? Talk To Me Tomorrow (Tuesday) for instance

73 Bernhard DL4CW

PS: see Urban Dictionary: ttmt

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So funny, it looks like an acronym: Talk To Me Tomorrow !
The idea is good but that’s wrong. Something with SOTA of course.
73 Roger - F5LKW

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Hi Roger,

just my uneducated guess :wink: No idea to be honest!

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Hi Gents,
Hard to guess when out of context. MT in SOTA speak is Management Team but TT??


Hello Friends.
TTMT means: The Traditionnal Mercantour Tour.
TMTT started in 2010 and now, every year the SOTA fEVER team (F5HTR-F6HBI-F5LKW) we hike 5 summits, all the same day.
Then this year we still go to activate TTMT. Of course, if some friends want to come with us. No problem, just coming and we do all. 73 QRO - Roger F5LKW

2010: F/AM-256-242-264-258 - Mercantour - YouTube
2011: Parc du Mercantour - YouTube
2012: National Park of Mercantour - 2012 - YouTube
2013: The Traditionnal Mercantour Tour 2013 "TTMT" - YouTube

Let’s try the adventure.
73 QRO

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Hi Roger…
I like your Harlem Shake video from the last year :slight_smile:
When will you start the TTMT this year??

73 de Tom

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Hello Tom.
Of course depending weather. Last year too much snow, then we had to hike in july.
Usually, we go during the longest day in june.
This year, winter is still too warm, we doń´t have cold and snow yet.
Then today i only can say between 20th june to 15th july 2014.
Would you come with us ?
73 Roger

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Just looked at that on a map. That is quite a day out!

A VERY rough and quick look at the map suggests that even if you can park high up you must be looking at over 1,500m of ascent, maybe nearer 2,000m?

The ridge beyond Cime du Belletz looks “interesting”.

If only I lived closer I might join you!


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Hi Roger
It would be a pleasure for me to come with you, but i think that i´m not fit enough for this :-). But i will follow you as a chaser.

best 73 de Tom